GMO Labeling Won’t Cost You Anything. YES ON PROP 37

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GMO Free USA originally produced this video for the CA Right To Know campaign to help counter the lies being advertised to California voters by the No on 37 campaign, led by chemical/biotech companies like Monsanto and Big Food processors like the Kellogg Company.

Prop 37 was a ballot measure that would have required that GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in food be labeled. Due to No on 37’s million campaign of deception, Prop 37 narrowly lost, 47% to 53%, on November 06, 2012.

GMO Free USA continues our ongoing boycott of the Kellogg Company, as well working to educate people on the necessity of GMO food labeling and the potential dangers of GMOs.

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  1. Well there are no long-term health and environmental factors, if that was the case, then why don’t we see it? I don’t.

  2. Ignorance, it’s truth, you are the one who’s brainwashed. Organic food is more expensive, and the organic food suppliers want EVERYONE to buy organic food by raising the costs of food at the store. Yes on 37 advocates are extremely ignorant of the fact that it’s not easy for a lot of people to buy food. 37 doesn’t make sense, it requires labeling for soy milk but not from milk from cows. Dairy, meat, poultry and eggs are exempt. Fruit juice will be labeled but not alcohol with GE’s.

  3. Prop 37 requires GMOs to be labeled, therefore, soy milk made with GMOs needs a label but milk from a non-GMO cow doesn’t. Is that simple enough for you? I wonder how much you are being paid for being a troll? How much for your soul? Shame on you.

  4. Call me what you want. The 37 campaign should be ashamed of myself. In fact, I went to vote today, and in my ballot it said that a yes vote on 37 would raise up the costs of food, so there you have it.

  5. Hmmm no the ballot shows the approx cost increase of implementation by the state of California. OMG, what have you done.

  6. I just looked at your channel, and I saw that you’re from the UK. How do you know what it saws on the ballot anyway? Is food labeled as GMO over there? Are food costs higher because of it?

  7. Yes I live in England, I saw the ballot because there are picture on the internet. YES GMOs must be labeled here, NO it has not increased food costs. Even if GMO and non-GMO foods were both on supermarket shelves, the cost of labeling and state monitoring would be miniscule. BUT what actually happens, is that consumers don’t buy them, the market collapses. And so GMOs disappear from foods. That’s why over 45 million dollars has been spent to keep you in the dark. You’re a victim of their lies.

  8. It looks like 54% of Californians are complete assholes and voted against Prop 37. Good job Monsanto and company, you evil bastards.

  9. I was referring to the lies people “buy” into. Consider the AGENDA of the information giver, that will clarify things. As a rule if someone is trying to SELL you something, look somewhere else for information.

  10. The crazy thing is that no matter how many videos I see with people overwhelmingly liking the yes vote, somehow the yes vote still didn’t win. That makes no sense at all. The No vote ads have very few views and usually have rating disabled (as they know what they would hear). So, how does such little verifiable support for the NO vote turn into a win for them? It has to be some sort of rigging of the voting system. They cheated, every poll, every person I know wants labelling.

  11. I only hope you’re right…but a wise man once said “it’s not the votes that count, but who counts the votes.” People really need to understand that Monsanto is not above cheating to win. With these electronic voting machines (which have been hacked/cheated in the past) I have some reservations in believing the very influential corporations will just allow the people to decide this issue. Until we can verify the votes, I have my doubts we’ll ever see a real count. Too much money at stake.

  12. Interesting thing: we won on the mail in votes, which could be verified. We lost on the electronic ballots, which could not be verified. By about 1%. How is it possible to have a democracy if a ‘vote is not a vote?’ Electronic ballots are undemocratic.