GMO Labeling Will Not Increase Food Prices BOYCOTT KELLOGG

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– GMO food labeling will not increase food prices, as opponents of transparency will try to tell you. Consumers have a right to know if genetically modified (GM)/genetically engineered (GE) ingredients such as corn, soy, sugar, canola & cottonseed oil are in processed foods. And we have a right to know if we are buying whole genetically modified organisms (GMO), like sweet corn, papaya, zucchini, and crook neck squash.

GMO FREE USA continues our ongoing boycott campaign of the Kellogg Company, one of the companies that helped defeat Prop 37 in California recently, donating nearly 0,000 to prevent mandatory labeling and our right to know if we are eating GMOs.

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About the video: We did our cost comparison using a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 18 oz. box from California against 500 gram (18 oz.) boxes from Australia, Belgium, England, Germany, and Spain. Current currency conversions were used.




  1. Dear Kellogg’s, PLEASE label or stop using GMO’s in your products! Parents, don’t feed your kids this food contaminated with GMO’s! Boycott Kellogg’s, there are better brands out there that are healthy!

  2. They are not dealing with Monsanto Corruption either! Wait untill you see him unleash his band of demons on US!

  3. Monsanto and biotech says they are for “voluntary labeling” and yet not a single food company has put GMO labeling on their products. If they are so safe why do they oppose labeling. I don’t buy the cost argument, no one is asking them to change anything in farming and food production. Companies change labels all of the time without additional costs to consumers. We have the right to know what is in the food we buy and eat. I don’t care what biotech thinks about labeling, this is not their choice, it’s ours as consumers. The tobacco industry was totally against labeling the truth. Biotech and factory farms know that you might as well put a skull and crossbones on food with labeling. Without labeling there is no traceability, accountability or liability. Even clothing and mattresses all have labels with the ingredients and country of origin. Be a part of the food revolution, vote with you wallet, boycott all foods that are not organic. Profit is the only thing corporations understand…