GMO Labeling Banned In USA! Monsanto’s DARK Act

Weight Loss Tip: You have probably heard the term "Net carbs", right? But do you know what it means? Net carbs are the total carbohydrates in a given serving of a particular food minus the grams of fiber. For example, if a granola bar has 23 grams of carbohydrate and 6 grams of fiber, the net carbs in the bar are 17.

Monsanto’s dream bill passes the US House of Reps, a bill which will keep people ignorant by preventing states efforts to mandate GMO labelling on foods. Given that 90% of Americans favor GMO food labeling, how did this even get passed?

It’s ironically called the Safe and Accurate Food Labelling Act but supporters of GMO labelling call it the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act, or DARK Act.

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  1. I live in maui and Monsanto is a pain! I have to interact with a lot of the reps in community they are wolves in sheep skin or however the saying goes haha! Luckily we have a lot of awareness and health conscious people!

  2. I find it astonishing the amount of vegans who believe in pseudo-science.

    I bet you eat bananas and a whole host of other fruit and veges that have been gene manipulated for years to look the way they do now. 

    Please tell me what is dangerous about gmo’s, i am so ready to hear.

  3. And while some blame Monsanto for acting in their own interest, the PEOPLE continue to vote and re-elect the same idiots who voted for this!
    Take a bow! YOU voted for these hacks!
    As for whether GMOs are necessarily unhealthy – sorry folks, but that is all belief based.
    All of this hype is all based on unproven belief based ire regarding the danger of GMO foods – as presented in the research summaries at NutritionFacts.org.
    The real joke is that if you eat REFINED PROCESSED food, you Might run into this crap! But of course it’s the GMO’s that should determine whether one should be eating processed refined junk foods and not the processed refined junk food itself?
    Victimhood raised to an art form….
    Here’s an idea sure to confuse: Assume responsibility for your own actions and Don’t eat the junkfood and the issue becomes moot.

  4. you guys are usually on point, but the policies of other countries should not rule us over actual data. Monsanto sucks ass, but GMO has been thoroughly studied and found to be safe. Appealing to nature is not going to help you. Do you eat seedless bananas? Thats genetic modification through breeding. GMO foods does make food more ample, thus making it more accessible to the hungry. If studies show GMO’s to be unsafe, then they should be lables, but not otherwise.

  5. We can debate the labeling of food and the business practices of companies like Monsanto but that is all irreverent to what the scientific evidence says about GM foods. So where is the scientific evidence that GMOs as bad as many claim them to be? Where is all the published, peer reviewed research clearly demonstrating a causative link between foods derived from GM crops and any adverse health risks? Furthermore, why is there such a broad scientific consensus that GMO foods on the market pose no greater risk to human health than conventional food? Why does this GMO controversy sound like littler more than alarmist, pseudoscience bullcrap? And why, for the love of God, are you actually siting a charlatan and a quack like Dr Mercola as a reputable source on anything?

  6. It is very Sad  Dud you read  “”ALTERED GENES TWISTED  TRUTHS” BY   STEVEN   DRUKKER     It explains  everything   .  Keep up the  great  work .

  7. Congress went back to work today  The petition to stop the  DARK ACT is  on my Facebook as well as flying across  social  media  catch it and  sign it  PLEASE  Thank you  <3's

  8. I have no problem with GM – but clearly democracy has spoken – labelling should therefore be mandatory. As for the endless sci-phobic arguments… they’re somewhat immaterial. If people want to know how to avoid GMO produce, they should be granted that power. The vast majority of Americans are genetically illiterate. That’s not going to change soon. Let them eat their organic 100% plant DNA produce. Sorry for the superior tone. It’s how it looks.

  9. I think that was such a dumb move by Monsanto but I fully support GMOs – they have so many benefits and there isn’t any evidence of them being harmful.

  10. Sadly GMO is in everything so in a way there is labelling. Unless the food specifically says GMO free or Organic I assume it is GMO. It makes me angry because I cannot afford organic food as it is double the price.

  11. Monsanto passed a bill to ban labeling of foods that contain GMOs!

    Fine let ’em have it, but I have a way around this. All you organic food growers/producers should read the following…

    1. Get a bill passed to BAN Monsanto and their associates from labeling GMO foods as “ORGANIC”.
    2. Start labeling ALL organic and non-GMO foods “ORGANIC” and “GMO free”. Problem solved.

  12. Monsanto and the shills that work for them will attack anyone that wants the truth out there, one shill says the dark act gives us labeling laws that we want. Which is another ill attempt on their part to spread non-facts. hi by the way dsndicmsa good to see you making your rounds lol.

  13. I live in one of the countries where it’s required, but I only see the label on frozen, imported fruits. None on the fresh ones. :/

  14. Unnatural vegan made a video talking about research showing gmos were safe. Can you make a video response? Thanks!

  15. Unfortunately the Okanogan(where I live) is responsible for inventing the GMO apple’s.
    So the world will be looking at us when organic apple’s are all but extinct.

  16. its amazing, once u realize! what a joke! money has destroyed any and all ethics in the food biz! and the fda is behind it! wake up or leave me hate mail! thanks,, this is what we have become.. the poor unsuspecting masses, sad marketing! do me a favor and disagree!, u only make us smarter!

  17. this is actually good. when people start dying from serious allergic reactions from the food they eat they can actually sue the fda.

  18. do they realize the people are about to straight revolt by force on Washington due to politicians corruption in taking bribes from the corporations? can they see it’s going to happen in the next 10-20 years if this $$$ in politics does not stop? our children are going to full on revolt! they are growing up with parents that have been alienated and abused by cops,public schools and are growing up with adults that have total distain and discust for the government. They hear everyone talking about sociopathic murderous cops. and being taught they have free speech,bare arms for protection against a government that ever starts oppressing the pll. for large corporate bodies kin to East India CO(Boston tea party) or Churches controlling it through exploiting There tax free status. they better wake up because if Hillary Clinton steals the White House(because I and every left,Liberal, indep. hates her and don’t want to vote for her,she is being forced on us,is Trump her Trojan horse?) it’s looking more solid the people will revolt in civil war!

  19. Weird how liberals only back science when it’s politically expedient for them to do so… gmo’s are safe and that’s a scientific fact backed by a plethora of evidence and data.

  20. Obama ,eats organic, knows what he is eating. the rest of us will eat Dark Act food that we do not what is in that food.