GMO FOODS Products List – Monsanto / WORLD WIDE Boycott Them All!

Weight Loss Tip: If you want to get the most nutritional value out of your food, think colorful. Colorful fruits and vegetables are full of valuable nutrients. Eating a rainbow of colors each day will provide you with the greatest variety of nutritional value. As a bonus, it will make your plate look beautiful and appealing, making you want to eat your nutritional meals.

This is a list of the VILE and EVIL corporations that use Monsanto products. BOYCOTT all of them forever and tell EVERYONE you know to stop buying their products! Let’s wipe these hideous monsters off the face of the earth

-Frosted Flakes
-Corn Flakes
-Special K
-Raisin Bran
-Rice Krispies
-Corn Pops
-Product 19
-Froot Loops
-Marshmallow Blasted Fruit Loops
-Apple Jacks
-Smart Start
-Complete Wheat Bran
-Complete Oat Bran
-Just Right Fruit & Nut
-Honey Crunch Corn Flakes
-Raisin Bran Crunch
-Cracklin’ Oat Bra

Comprehensive List Of GMO Product:

NON GMO FOODS Product Listing




  1. It’s not fair to show Famous Amos’s picture. He sold his company back in 1988. It is actually Kellogg that owns it and they should be blamed,Not Amos.

  2. monsanto uses roundup in all gmo foods. This can also lead to bugs plus wind carrying it over to other foods that are non gmo. It can cause cancer and other bad things.

  3. Thank you and bless you we live in a toxic world
    My body just recently told me hello leaky gut here.
    I been struggling with symptoms for years no doctor knew what was up.
    The lord has guided me step by step from finding out in 2013 Through a sister in Christ that got a message for me about inflammation in my gut area. I did not know what that meant at the time….now I know.
    Praise God I’m on the road of recovery.
    It will take time to heal my gut from all the abuse of eating theses foods on the list here but I can do it.

  4. why peopel sick buy this things almost all peopel buy it and ate that’s why peopel have diffrent disese

  5. American crony capitalism sponsored by US gov..500 yrs ago Europeans lived into 80s today in USA late 70s..