Genetically Modified Food Dangers – Alex Jones

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Other folks around the world are joining arms to refuse GMO foods, so why is the US not doing the same, you have to ask. Most folks in the US are not even aware of the dangers of Genetically Modified Foods. Europe eliminated GMOs from their food supply over 10 years ago.

It’s been estimated that around 70 percent of all food items in our grocery stores contain GMO ingredients. For every 10 items that you’re putting in your shopping cart, seven of them are dangerous for your health, because they contain GMO. Everyone needs to see this Alex Jones video. The more folks that become aware, the better we have a chance of stopping this, before it’s too late.

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Thanks to Alex Jones for posting this youtube video about Genetically Modified Food. Like Alex said, it’s important that we all get the word out about GMO.

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  1. These Bastards, One day…One day we consumers will dispatch the heads from the shoulders of the evil bastards and bring these elitist to their DOOM! They (elites) will pay for this someday for killing our children and I hope before I take my last breath I see them fall with great predjudice.

  2. Let’s just face the facts people, Whether your a person who thinks this is B.S. or aligns with what Alex is saying all these modified foods do serious damage over time and do eventually kill us. Those who scream B.S. to this are either paid trolls for the GMO companies or are completely ignorant to the effects of what this junk does to your body and mind. I stopped trying to convince people of the harmful effects of this crap people ingest and focused on me and my family. If you have someone screaming in your face your full of [email protected]# then screw them, let them die. That means more resources for you and your family. My suggestion is do your best to educate and research your eating and buying options and go to your local farmers market as much as possible. Get to know your local organic farmers and become active with your family and educate yourself and your children. I know it’s very hard to make a paycheck stretch so you can feed your family the right way but some of us just can’t afford to eat healthy at all. It’s designed that way so the elites can kill us off so there are more resources for them. Anyway, just try your best and purchase as much organic food as you can and you will see a gradual change in your lifestyle. Thanks.

  3. hi alex jones for 2 weekend ago i finding the moster evil food thing in the world. have you seen the movie Inferno When the most deadly virus is spreding i find it the real virus created by illuminati i think. That was scary to find.

  4. NON GO IS DUMB things are naturally genetically modified it isn’t all chemicals chemicals chemicals idiot

  5. This is the absolute worst video for attracting ignorant barely literate commenters. More mis-spellings here than in any other thread. This is ground zero for the idiocracy who comes here to feed.

  6. 1000’s of chemical additives in everyday food,known only to the companies who make them.
    5000+ aren’t required to appear on ingridient labeling