Fat-Burning Cardio Dance Workout: Denise Austin

Weight Loss Tip: It is important to eat at least some carbohydrates when you are dieting, even if you are on the Atkins diet. Without carbohydrates, your body will be unable to metabolize the nutrition coming in, which in turn, means that your body will be unable to provide you with energy. Instead, your body will just store any food you eat and hope to be able to use it later.

Fat-Burning Cardio Dance Workout with Denise Austin is a fun, high-energy aerobic dance workout that is designed to ramp up the metabolism to ignite your weight-loss potential as you tone the entire body through a series of fiery, fast-paced dance steps. Prepare to sweat as you tone the arms, legs, butt, abs, chest, and shoulders with Iconic Fitness Expert, Denise Austin in this red-hot segment from her “Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast” Fitness DVD, only on BeFit! Shake your hips on the dance floor as you sculpt lean muscle and tighten your tummy through Denise’s low-impact cardio dance moves. You’ll activate the core and watch the extra weight melt away as you shape a lean and sexy dancer’s physique. Enhance your stamina and endurance with this upbeat routine that you can do right from your own home. All you will need is a bottle of water and a towel to complete this workout that is perfect for any skill level. Tune in to BeFiT for free workouts that will fulfill all of your fitness needs. For more cardio dance workouts, click here:

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  6. What a great workout. I have done a number of her workouts over the years and she loves doing the mambo and samba (and box step). She keeps getting better and better over the years.

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  9. I love Denise’s workouts!  I do them 4-5 times a week.  They are great low impact workouts that do work your heart and whole body. You don’t have to do high impact aerobics to lose weight, work your heart muscle, or tone up your body.  That’s a mistake it seems some people have thought and commented on here and other comment sections under Denise’s videos here on you tube.

  10. I am not lazy. I simply don’t prefer Denise’s voice and constant, “Good, good, that’s right, you got it, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Get moving.” I do, however, love Richard Simmons and Chalene Johnson. I also love Cassey Ho. Sorry. If others here can tolerate Denise, then that’s awesome!! I just find HER to be distracting with her way of talking, but her workouts themselves are great. That said, I own her pregnancy workout and the kids’ dvd. I usually choose Turbo Jam or TurboFire, though. Chalene is spunky and funny. Oh, and you can’t be lazy during her workouts. They are fun yet challenging (which is what makes great bodies). I have also found success with Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Tried and true. Everyone stop fighting and get MOVING!!!

  11. worse aerobic video ever……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!too fast,there isnt even practicing for beginners who dont have any idea of this dance,sorry guys,this isnt my type,i am bound to gain weight than loose!!!

  12. This will be awesome for my zumba gold warmup.  Moves are basic enough yet have that dance feel I need with lots of repeats.  Very nice.

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  16. actually i watched Denise Austin workouts in japan television at 4am in the morning, when i was at age 23 over not sure! i have much fun of doing it now i’m 52 still having fun

  17. I like this dance routine. I love working out with Denise Austin and then sometimes I like working out with Jullian. Anyways, sorry for the typos. I don’t know her well. BUt anyways, I’m really into working out alot, but lately I’ve been slacking off and not working out like a normal routine like other people would in the mroning and then again at night type stuff. I want to work out twice a day and then hopefully I will loosse weight. Becuase I need to go back down to 120. Where I was since last person I was living with had a problem with my excersize. Always practice your righteouseness. I say. 😀 Its our God given right too.