Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition – Meet Rachel

Weight Loss Tip: To have a healthy body it is important to watch the food that we eat. A good way to start the day in a healthy way is to eat fresh fruits. Food that should be avoided are donuts, pastries with coffee and croissants because all of these provide the body with a big amount of calories.

Meet Rachel, a 21-year-old first grade teacher and former homecoming queen who weighs 369 pounds. Tune in to see her amazing transformation Monday, May 30th at 10/9c only on ABC!

About the show:
“Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” is a one-hour alternative series that will document the amazing makeover of eight courageous, “super obese” people who, in an unprecedented 365 days, attempt to safely lose half of their body weight, ultimately completing an amazing metamorphosis. The term “super obese” is used to define those who exceed their estimated ideal weight by approximately 225 percent and who are roughly 200 pounds or more overweight.




  1. I’m one mommy wanting to get her previous smart body back watching this
    video while eating a big bowl of tutti fruity ice cream….lolzzz.

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  4. I am 22 and never had kids but still I am 60 pounds overweight. I did lose
    10 pounds recently. I have a ddd size chest too and I look so weird.