Extreme Fat Loss (14 Days)

Weight Loss Tip: A great nutritional tip is to not place too much emphasis on dessert. If you place too much emphasis on dessert, your child will think that dessert is the best meal, and they'll start to crave sweets even more. Try limiting dessert to a few nights a week.

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  1. I started August at 230. Worked my way down to 222 before i saw this video.
    I worked out everyday and stuck to this diet for a week. Today im on the
    carb day and I weighed in at 223. I feel as if i gained water weight. By
    the 3rd day i was exhausted but i felt better on steak and chicken days. If
    you’re going to workout and do this consider drinking some electrolyte
    water. Hopefully this did something to improve my metabolism but im not
    going thru another miserable week of this shit

  2. if you take creatine, it helps water retention right? so would this be a
    bad idea on creatine?

  3. Help please.. I tried to stay under my daily calories for about 8 months
    (had some cheat meals/days tho) and i got to 70.5 from 78.5.. Im 177cm
    btw.. Training 4-5 times a week (boxing and weights), never counted
    calories, just tryin to eat clean. Now the last 3 days i’ve been counting
    according to the Benedict formula and i suppose to have 1990kcal a day to
    lose 1.5 (240g of carb, 155g of protein and 47g of fat) The thing is i feel
    F.U.L.L when i reach about 1400-1500 kcal. Its very confusing cuz acording
    to this i have to actually force myself to eat more to lose weight its
    crazy! Can that mean that i was doing a very raging cut the last months? I
    dont believe that 1kg/month is raging, i dropped weight but i didn’t lose
    as fat as i thought i would when i reach 70.5kg.. Is it possible that i
    slowed my metabolism that much? And what can i do now? Should i continue
    “forcing” myself to hit my macros? Also do you thing 240g of carbs are way
    to much,, i was on a low carb all this time and im kinda intimidated, tho
    maybe i got paranoid! 😛 Is IIFYM the right way??? Thank you all in advance
    for your help and opinions! :)

  4. Can I eat anything with the protein in the first 6 days? Also what else
    would be considered as “pure, dry protein”?

  5. I’m going to give it a shot starting Monday.. I’m 5’11 246 pounds. Was 302
    when I started dieting and am working to become a marine, just have to lose
    25 pounds to enlist. Will keep everyone posted with results from week 1.

  6. i havent gone to gym for last 2 weeks but was going a month before
    previously. in fairness i was going surfing and doing a bit of fishing in
    my time off from the gym. im sorting the diet out aswell. anyway i spent
    the whole day researching body building and nutrition plans. I rocked up
    toady and the place had closed down. i had to laugh.

  7. i have a few questions
    1) what type of vegetables can i eat apart from broccoli?
    2)wouldn’t i gain all the weight back after the diet?
    3) on the 4,5,6 days can i eat chicken as well as meat?
    4)the carb day is only one day? and how can i eat my carbs at that day?
    I’ve already lost 11 kgs and i want to lose 15 more but I’ve been on a
    weight loss plateau for around 6 months, would this work for me?

  8. Been sloppy for 2 years , fuck Elliot you know how to get a man back on
    track , nice one fella

  9. Did it for 18 days. Felt pretty exhausted the last two days so I decided to
    stop the diet. It really worked good for about two weeks but I had a lot of
    stress in my job and not too much sleep as well, so I think it was the
    combination of stress, insufficient sleep and diet wich led to exhaustion

  10. chicken breast have too much fat? 1.2g in 100g aint that much comparing
    with 0.7g in turkey breast. Will try it though.

  11. what about 3 day no eating 30 kilometre running and at the third day your
    will passed out and quickly eat something

  12. hey Elliot do you have an alternative for people that only eat fish and
    eggs and veggies and that don’t eat red meat or chicken ?

  13. I have done this for a week. Now, after a year of injurys I started 24%bf
    101 kg and training. I pulsed broccoli and kale together once every 3 days
    so just a big spoonfull with each meal, cook on a George Forman with
    coconut oil. The water is easier if you use your shaker as you can see how
    much your having also 600-700ml is easy to down at a time. Before bed halve
    3 magnesium tablets it will help your body shutdown and sleep. Intra
    workout I was using BCAA and no shake after I just ate a meal within 30
    minutes. Make sure the meat is good quality, organic and grass fed esp.
    This works and can be a perfect lifestyle as you get your weekend to do
    anything you want with your family. Good luck all, be honest to yourself
    not others or a mirror.

  14. hey guys, im starting this diet tomorrow. I will update you in two weeks
    with results. currently I weigh 210 lbs and I’m 5’11. wish me luck.

  15. Today is my first day trying this out. I have never had to poop this much
    in my life.

    At this rate the ass chap will prevent me from training haha.

  16. I’ve been doing this diet for 10 days now and it’s working wonderfully. I’m
    thinking of doing it for 3 or 4 weeks instead of just 2. Can this be
    dangerous? What are the reasons for doing it just for two weeks?

  17. Any one here know how much calories or gram of protein we should eat? do we
    have to eat like 1200 cal full of protein daily?

  18. Anyone find it weird that everyone said they were gonna try this and then
    update us never came back with an update. How many people has this video

  19. So I tried this diet before and I lost about 10-12 lbs… After the diet
    tho I gained it all back because I binged and was craving flavor so make
    sure you have a set diet to get back into after this shock/cleanse. Good
    luck if ur trying it

  20. I’m going to start this diet today, 5’7 288 pounds I’ll come back and post
    results to let you know if it works