Exercising Tips : How to Measure Body Fat

Weight Loss Tip: The best tip of all for weight loss is to eat less and exercise more. Kicking up your overall metabolism is a good way to make your body burn more energy, and eating fewer calories will help by making your body burn the ones it already has, in the form of fat.

Body fat percentage can be measured by using a caliper to calculate excess skin at designated skin fold locations, or by using a body composition scanner, which measures body fat through electro magnetics. Determine body fat percentages with tips from a personal trainer in this free video on exercising.

Expert: Donna Donovan
Bio: Donna Donavon is the owner of Donna’s Nautilus Fitness Center in Ottawa, Ill. She is a trainer, and has competed in 13 professional bodybuilding competitions.
Filmmaker: Dan Kenny




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  2. Once you know the body fat in lbs you can calculate your percentage body
    fat. It’s relatively simple math once you know how many lbs of body fat you
    have and your total weight. But then again, simple math is not simple
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  6. or you can do it the why the navy does it and measure you neck then waist
    and sub you neck from you waist and get an estimate close to your body fat
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  7. i had the digital caliper and it broke in a few uses. very low quality. I
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  14. BMI/Body Fat scales ARE NOT ACCURATE! Do not trust them! ONLY way to
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