Exercise To Lose Weight Fast At Home

Weight Loss Tip: The olive oil in your pantry can be a valuable addition to your skin care routine by fighting dryness. Olive oil is gentle and effective in sealing in moisture on your face and hands. It also provides a helping of antioxidants to combat aging. A thin layer twice a day is all you need.

15 minute workout too lose weight fast at home, easy body-weight exercises for burning fat, training muscle and improving health. The video shows a low impact variation of each exercise for beginners. To maximize the results start a healthy diet.

⦿ Calorie Burn: 90 – 200

⦿ Frequency: do the workout 5 times a week

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Consult your doctor before starting these exercises .

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  1. Been doing this twice a day (once each about half an hour before dinner and lunch) for a week, and I’ve already dropped 2 kilos.

  2. If i do this for 3 times a week for 4 weeks with a balanced diet , how much weight can i lose?

  3. Don’t let the description fool you … these exercises can be quite strenuous for a non-working-out beginner (and I ought to know!) Main critique, though, is that there should be a few minutes to cool down at the end.

  4. I am Sumi I love your exercise mam I have two childrens by operation I have no belly fat but I have back fat my back ;bump and thigh r fat please suggest which exercise shall I do to have a perfect slim figure

  5. I did it every morning and every night. Waking up and going sleep for 1 week. I was like 90 pounds and now i losed 9 pounds without det but avoiding little bit fast or not healty food and yay! Im happy!! Im more active now !

  6. i’m feeling the burn!!! i did the 8 minute one and this! i’m thinking of doing this combination 3 times a week and the 8 minute one daily when i’m not doing the combo. i do these at night and boy am i sweating and drank a ton of water. might download the app. seeing some results already
    edit: i’m 103 pounds or an estimate between 104-103 and when i woke up my muscles didn’t hurt i just felt healthier i guess will continue loving the results