Exercise Tips : How To Lose After-Pregnancy Weight Fast Using Home Exercises

Weight Loss Tip: A good way to lose weight is to avoid eating out at unhealthy restaurants, especially all you can eat buffets. All you can eat buffets encourage you to eat as much as you can in one sitting, and that's a surefire way to put on a lot of fat.

After giving birth, you may still have some fat and weight leftover you can get rid of. Burn off excess baby weight with help from a professional fitness trainer in this free video.

Expert: Carol Ann
Bio: Carol Ann has more than 19 years of professional fitness training experience and holds a Master’s Degree in exercise science and health promotion.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: There are many things you can do to exercise, as well as exercise cheaply. Make exercise work for you with help from a professional fitness trainer in this free video.




  1. I think I’m going to try some of these! I really want to have a great and healthy body! I had a son in 2009 and still have my baby fat! It’s not much, but I’d like to have a great body!.

  2. ridiculous question….But is it a good idea to do these exercises with a work-out strap on (strapped around my stomach) just had my baby 4 weeks ago….

  3. If you have been trying to get rid of fat quickly, you should search google for Ultra Slimming Formula. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  4. I have just recently started adding in pre natal routines to my channel ( i am 5 months pregi now)…thanks for the post natal workout!!

  5. To heal and lose weight, a woman would also have to overcome mental and emotional fatigue. To cope with this,she has to find some time for herself. Experts recommend at least 45 minutes of recreational time. During this time, reading, a leisurely walk, catching up with friends or any activity not centered on baby would be beneficial.

  6. Never use breakfast as the cheat meal. Researching proves that breakfast is a vital meal through the day with regards to setting the pace for glucose levels.
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  7. What are your qualifications?  I cannot believe you would select these exercises for the postnatal body,especially without discussing when they can be commenced and what core stability should be achieved prior to starting this type of workout.
    These are NOT the best exercises and they will almost certainly cause increased separation of the rectus abdominis, and also place downwards pressure on the pelvic floor which will further damage it. Not once did you offer a cue to engage the  abdominal corset muscle Transversus Abdominis. People really should consult a physiotherapist about postnatal recovery rather than relying on “cyber exercises”.  

  8. You’ll be able to lose 10 pounds in 60 days safely & naturally even when you have not lost weight for many years

  9. fantastic !!! I’m trying it and feels amazing !!! thanks for the video hi5 🙂

  10. I have lost my post baby weight and got my tummy flat by drinking mummy magic weight loss tea.

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