Eat These Foods to Burn Belly Fat

Weight Loss Tip: Ice cream is one of the most tempting foods that you can eat, which you will need to avoid if you are trying to lose weight. Instead, try low fat ice cream or low fat yogurt if you are trying to satisfy your cravings while sticking to your weight loss program.

Where does fat go when you lose weight? What foods increase your metabolism? Today I am sharing with you my best belly fat blasting foods and tips.

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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, named Greatist’s Top 100 Health & Fitness Influencers in the World alongside Michelle Obama. She is the winner of the “Social Fitness” Shorty Award and FITNESS Magazine named her their “Best Healthy Living Blogger”. She’s been featured on Dr. Oz, EXTRA TV, The Steve Harvey Show, COSMPOLITAN Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, SELF Magazine, NY Times, LA Times, and many more.


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  1. Is the entire sleeve of saltines (Yes, I know I’m disgusting) considered
    nutritionally dense?

  2. Is eating too much fruit bad for you? Because fruit is high in sugar. I
    consume about 70grams of sugar but all of the sugar is from fruit. Is that

  3. I just love her!! But i have a question. I am skinny naturally so because
    of this i ate really unhealthy. But now i want to lead a healthy lifestyle.
    I only eat a little bit unhealthy when it is saturday. Is it good or not?

  4. Nice video. “Carys Magic Diet” is also amazing, go check it out ( just do a
    search in Google)

  5. Does it matter which time of the day is best for eating? Will you gain or
    not lose weight if you are eating after 6, even if you are abiding by your
    caloric intake. In other words, I keep within my calories, yet I’m not
    losing weight and in fact, am gaining weight. My mom said it was due to
    late snaking, but I read an article that said you can eat whatever, during
    any part of the day, as long as you don’t go over on your calories. Is this
    I don’t “not eat” just to be difficult, food in the morning makes me sick.
    Can you please help me? Is it okay to eat at night?

  6. hi Cassey,, now we’re talking biochemistry huh? yeaa baby peptide bond is
    hard to breakdown

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  10. Casey, what kind of green tea do you recommend? Because there are so many
    green teas out there, and I don’t want to add any sugar to it, if it has a
    nice, distinct flavor to it.

  11. Eventually, a diet guide that was very easy and quick to read. The “loli
    special plan” (search Google) is the first diet that I cannot wait to get
    going on. I have loosen 8.5 in a week.

  12. I’m sorry I don’t agree with this. I did a high protein diet and one with
    out any meat diet and I lost more weight when I gave up meat for a while.

  13. yesturday I did day one for the beginners workout. I woke up with a
    strained tummy. It hurts when I put pressure on it. Should I still do day
    two? I promise myself I would do it but im not sure if I should wait afew
    days until the pain goes. I really don’t want to skip the workout days!!