Easiest Way To Measure Your Body Fat!

Weight Loss Tip: Nutrition is seen in the types of foods we consume. Eating foods high in fiber, vitamins, mineral and a proper proportion of fat, carbohydrates, and protein is considered the proper way to eat. Avoid eating food for the sake of eating it or to feel good. This leads to over eating and gaining unwanted weight.


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  1. while this may be a cool device, it is most certainly not “the best way to
    measure body fat percentage”. It’s very convenient, has a lot of neat
    features, and might be relatively accurate. But to claim it’s the best way
    to measure body fat percentage is just is just flat out wrong, whether you
    think the device is neat or not.

  2. Are there any neutral videos on this? I’d rather see an unaffiliated
    review. Ofcourse you will praise it to the skies, you get your share out of
    that “sweet deal”.

  3. Scott i buyed a skulpt aim last year because of your video. I used to be
    very pleased with the device. After changing the algorythm my bf percentage
    changed from 14.1% on the four spot quicktest to 21% now. According to my
    last dxa scan i am between arround 16%. I have clear visible abs. I want to
    let you know you know i am very disappointed in skulpt because you advice
    people to buy their products. It feels like a scam to me. My pro tanita
    scale is far more accurate.

  4. Skulpt wrote me this email after me complaining about the new algorythm: Hi

    During the last 6 months, we conducted an extensive study comparing Skulpt
    to DXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry), the gold standard in body fat
    measurements. We found that while our previous algorithms were accurate for
    most people, there was room for improvement. With the new algorithm, we get
    really excellent agreement between body fat measured by DXA and body fat
    measured by Skulpt.

    Every time a muscle is measured, we actually capture thousands of data
    points. Our original algorithms for total body fat used the average of the
    fat percentage from biceps, triceps, abs and quads. What we found during
    our study, was that we could get an even more accurate measure of total
    body fat by using the underlying data for triceps, abs and quads, and
    combining them in a more advanced way. A downside is that the results for
    total body fat aren’t always what you might expect from just looking at the
    data from individual muscles. But the benefit is that the total body fat
    measurement is more accurate as compared to DXA. Now that we have updated
    the algorithms for total body fat, we’re working to optimize the algorithms
    for individual muscles and will release those soon.

    Sorry for any confusion. Know that we don’t take these changes lightly and
    only do them because we want to give our customers the best product
    possible. Our goal is to give customers the most accurate data possible, so
    they can use that information to improve their health and fitness. To
    achieve this, we’ll continuously evaluate our technology and make changes
    when necessary. And to ensure customers can still analyze their progress,
    we will update all previous measurement data so that the trend over time is

    According to a recent dxa scan i was arround 16%. I am leaner now.
    According to the new algorythm is am 20.7%. Skulpt offered me to do a dxa
    scan. I will next week and prove this is crap.

  5. Hi mate, would you please make a comparison video talking about the New
    algorythm of the skulpt aim and difference in measurement compared to the
    old? Thanks.

  6. I did a dxa scan for skulpt. My body fat percentage is 5% lower compared to
    the new skulpt quick test. This proves that the new algorythm is lame. The
    old one is pretty accurate though.

  7. Has anyone here ordered from canada? I’d like to know how much costum’s
    duty I’ll have to pay extra

  8. I was sold on this unit, but look at the reviews on Amazon!! Terrible!!!!
    Everyone hates this thing. If you really believe in the product, then do
    the right thing, and talk the manufactors about sorting out that battery
    problem. WAY WAY TOO MANY negative reviews.

  9. Hi Scott,

    I live in germany and I cant find skulpt products for sale in germany,

    Can u recoomend some other product like skulpt, not those caliper things

  10. you can get a good estimate, let say you weight 250lbs………(ex 1) if
    you think your 100lbs over weight ( 250-100)/ 250 = .6 100%-60% = 40% body
    fat …..(ex 2) if you think your 50lbs over weight ( 250-50)/250 =.8 100%
    -80% = 20% body fat