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Intey Body Fat Scale:
NOTE: Persons with cardiac pacemakers and other medical equipment should not use this scale!

How do body fat scales work? Do they just take your age, weight, and height and calculate it? Apparently the one from INTEY is an actual body fat scale where it really does measure your body fat via measurement of your body’s resistance. Muscle generally has lower resistance while fat has less. The mixture of these two gives a reading that can allow the scale to calculate your body fat percentage. I shall unbox this scale and run the product through its pace while also verify that it actually is doing some measurement rather than inferring your body fat.

NOTE: Persons with cardiac pacemakers and other medical equipment should not use this scale!

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  1. Calculated from height and weight only i think and possibly area of feet. take bmi with a grain of salt. im about the same height as you and do a lot of heavy lifting at the gym, so a lot of my weight (80kg) is muscle mass not fat. also, smartphones have glass and are conductive through the surface, maybe it works like that.

  2. haha 43% bone weight ? You’re a crustacean ! I wonder if it’s measuring from one foot to another rather than intra-foot hmmm.

  3. I have one of these body fat scale called Withings and you can linked it to your cellphone app. The wight mine measures fluctuate a lot going up and down around 3lb each reading. I don’t have another scale to compare the other parameters such as bone or fat% with so I am not sure how accurate they are.

  4. do you know if a regular dial scale is accurate? And what foods do you usually eat? you are like so healthy I swear, I’m so jelly 😉

  5. “Apparently it’s double-boxed…”
    “Let me open it up again…”
    “Let me open it up again…” HAHAHAHAHAA!!!