Documentary 2013 Genetically Modified Foods

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  1. This video has me kind of paranoid, looks like the only food in my home
    that’s not GMO are lemons. Well, i guess it’s time to change my diet. I
    don’t want to just live, I want to live a healthy quality life.

  2. A double thumps up to this documentary. Thank you very much for
    enlightening us about the dangers of GMO.

  3. We have a widespread Epidemic going on with GMO’s . The more I research
    ways to get away from them the harder it is . There are so many ways
    companies can get around it. Just the other day I read that some will call
    their product Non GMO because they don’t put the GMO ingredient on the
    label .We the consumer buy it thinking it is safe . Who’s going to
    check/test every product that’s made ? No one it will never happen . You
    can buy corn in a can or cob that says Non GMO / organic . How do you know
    for sure ? Or anything for that matter . Same goes for Meat ,only way to
    know is to go to the farm & see for yourself. In my opinion it’s really too
    late . GMO’s have taken over organic crops , most don’t even know it’s
    mixed in !! Most people can’t raise or plant their own food :(

  4. Sup everyone, please check out my excellent Channel exposing more Hidden
    Truths, Btw thanks to the poster of this vid, i found it educational and
    worth looking!