Do This Instead of Exercise to Burn the Most Belly Fat

Weight Loss Tip: Eating an ounce of dark chocolate a day is good for you. Dark chocolate antioxidant help clean arterial plaques, reduce/remove blood clots, and increases the flexibility of your arteries. Over all this helps with healthy blood flow, and promotes health heart living. You have a reduced chance of heart disease and other conditions.

http://naturalhealthsherpa.com/do-this-instead-of-exercise-to-lose-weight/522147–What if I were to tell you that exercise is fairly useless for losing weight?

Now before you accuse me of heresy, let me explain. There’s no doubt that exercise is one of the best things in the world you can do for your health.

Exercise improves mood—in some studies as well as antidepressants—and it’s great for your heart. Recent research shows that it even helps you grow new brain cells.1 And people who exercise on a regular basis have lower risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.2

But weight loss? Not so much.3,4

Does that seem contrary to everything you’ve heard? Of course it does—but don’t shoot the messenger.

Here’s the truth: the exercise/ weight-loss equation is way more complicated than we’ve been led to believe.




  1. This is so dumb… carbohydrates are the easiest way for us to get energy
    to hit it hard. Don’t listen to this guy… fat has over two times the
    amount of calories as carbs. He also doesn’t mention that the only way to
    lose body fat is eating in a caloric deficit. If you’re doing this it
    doesn’t really matter what you are eating, as long as you’re eating
    healthy, you will lose weight.

  2. its difficult to keep rice out of my diet considering im korean and thats
    all my parents make me..

  3. Exercise is essential. The exercise rant is idiotic. It widens the caloric
    intake gap. It can increase muscle mass which in turn leads to more
    calories out there. And either way, it’s still extra burned calories. A
    diet of whole unprocessed foods with a higher protein and fat content with
    no added sugar coupled with weight training and cardio is the best way.
    Calculate your BMR and TDEE on bodybuilding.com and you’re golden.

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  5. You should check out “luxy flat tummy” ( Just Search Google) It’s a free
    guide pack with info which help me lose about 15 pounds in 3 weeks

  6. Best book I ever read and followed to success for my own weight management
    was called God’s Diet. Now I don’t remember the author’s name off hand but
    that is the title of the book. The basic jist of the book is that if it
    wasn’t killed, pulled from a tree or out of the ground or water then you
    don’t eat it. The only drink is water and the only garnish is mustard. It’s
    a bit of a plain Jane diet but there are no limit’s on the meal sizes, eat
    till you’re full. If any food in your house is “man made” then toss it out
    or donate it to a food bank. I didn’t exercise while following the diet and
    lost nearly 40 lbs in 3 months. At that time I was working as a tower crane
    operator (A totally sedentary job, I just sit there all day.) and I ran a
    small beer league poker game 4 nights/days per week. Today it’s a whole
    other story for me, I’m totally out of shape again but I had a serious
    medical problem in 2014 and am just now strong enough to get back to life
    as I knew it. I was 267 lbs at my heaviest back then and went to 227lbs on
    that diet. Today I’m at 270 lbs and I hate it. I’m still a crane operator
    and work out of town now so I eat out a lot. I don’t know how to turn my
    funk around and get the ball rolling again. I’m not depressed or anything I
    just find I’ve become seriously lazy and find myself online a lot, YouTube
    mostly, case in point.
    Anyways if you have the luxury of having a good supporting partner,
    friend’s, neighbor’s or family member’s and you can adopt this idea from
    the book then you and those around you will have total success and lose bad
    weight with ease and do it in the most healthiest of manners. Will power is
    the key, it’s a bit like quitting smoking if you don’t put the cigarette to
    your lip’s you won’t smoke. If you don’t buy the pack of smokes in the
    first place you can’t lite up. When you go shopping for groceries you’ll
    find all the good food on the perimeter of the store and all the junk in
    the isles.
    Basically the diet is exactly what we as human’s use to eat before fast
    food’s and preservatives came to pass. Good luck to you if you give it a
    go. I’m trying to figure out how to get back to it so please wish me luck,
    I’ll definitely need it.
    Live long and prosper and may the force be with you.

  7. Use exercise to put on more muscle which is metabolically active tissue
    meaning it burns calories to survive. Ultimately even in a rested state
    you’ll burn more calories. Now is it a huge amount, no but it is an
    improvement. So it really depends on what type of exercise your doing to
    drop weight.

  8. i can never watch these videos long enough to learn anything i get bored
    lol. i just cut processed food skip sugary drinks and i eat wtf i want but
    i dont get greedy and im losing body fat just fine. dunno if i can believe
    the exercise not working info tho because i used to be well over 300 pounds
    a simple diet change did nothing until i bought a home gym and started
    lifting heavy weight.

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