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Hey guys. This is my current diet plan. Just started this carb cycling diet for over a week and i’ve lost about a kg. I’m pretty sure loads of it is just water weight since I cut down my carbs. I am still full of energy so i figured it is doing pretty well! Please remember I am very petite and 5’1 so I don’t need to take in lots of calories to maintain my weight. To maintain my weight, I only need around 1550-1600 cal per day so I brought it down to around 1250-1300 per day now if I don’t exercise. I still have two normal higher carbs days. Everyone is different and our body burn at a different rate so you would have to trail and error and see what is the calories intake to maintain your weight. I also increase my cal intake on the days i exercise!

Also another reason why I count calories is because I don’t want to be too under calories because then my body will burn off some of the muscles that I’ve built. I try really hard to built my muscles so I am not going to starve to just to lose some weight because that is counter intuitive. I am only on a 200-300 cal deficit, and for 5 days a week. If I add up my calories for the whole week, I am only approx 13% under at MOST which is a very small number. When I do intense exercises, or any exercises, I increase my calories intake. I am in no way starving myself and I will never do that. I only want to lose a bit of fats and you have to be in cal deficit to lose some fats. Counting calories can be such a sensitive subject but that is the best way for me to lose some weight without losing muscle mass and doing it in the healthy way.

Also, the reason why I decided to lose some weight is because I’ve gained quite a bit of fats around my waist line. I’ve talked about this in my previous video. I’ve started doing hiit exercises. I want to get really defined abs for my summer holiday so that’s the reason why i’m cutting too. I’ve been bulking for the last couple of months and now it’s time to lose some fats. I’m going to be on this diet for another week and see how it goes. I am not looking to be super skinny because that’s what i’m not looking for.

Also another thing that I didn’t mentioned in this video is that I cut off all the fats from the chicken and also I only used heart smart minced beef, basically the minced beef has got barely any fats. I only take lean meats when i’m cutting. Chicken thighs, scotch fillet, t-bone, lamb are a lot higher in fats, so higher calories. Try to choose lean meat!

Cauliflower or any veg is a great way to have carbs because it is so low in calories. Per 100g of cooked cauliflower gives you only 33 Calories. Most vegetables are really low in calories so try to eat more vege and less processed food.

The whole day of food macro was:
1250 cal
132g Protein
94g Carbs
45g Fats

Nice apps to track your macro are My Fitness Pal or Cronometer.

I’ll also add the measurement of my food shortly.

Thanks so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video and please give it a thumbs up if you want more diet and fitness video! Love you guys!




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  3. I’ll just write my advice down:
    I don’t recommend carbs but you have to eat some a day. I say in breakfast have 2 black bread toasts with labaneh (without oil) or anything that isn’t fatty like eggs maybe. While taking bites, try to take small bites and make sure you chew the food a lot in ur mouth then swallow. that way u will feel like u are eating more. don’t eat dinner after 8pm and make sure your dinner is very light. for lunch I’d recommend vegetables soup with boiled chicken(sorry idk if this term is correct in english) or u can always eat a cheat food but the quantity shouldn’t be that big. I am from Asia so we usually depend on fish which is almost my daily lunch and I’ve seen amazing results. to have effective results I don’t recommend u to start exercising from the first day u start dieting (but if u already go jogging or do some exercise even before this diet then just keep doing that) if u don’t exercise I recommend u start diet then after 1 week u do diet with exercise which should be AT LEAST 30mins depends on ur weight. if u weight more than 100kg u should do 30 mins and if under 90kg u do 1h or more. weightlifting is a very good way to lose lots of fat, but ur weight might not get less because ur body will make muscles that add up to ur total weight.
    Ok I’m done sorry this is very long but I’m trying to help! u can ask me anything and I’ll try to answer well. (I’m not a specialist but I definitely lost 37kgs doing what I told u)

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