‘DARK Act’: Monsanto’s Dream Bill Returns To Block GMO Labeling Forever

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Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote about a new federal bill that would shut down the ability of the states to decide separately whether or not to label products that contained genetically engineered ingredients. Opponents aptly call it the DARK Act – Denying Americans the Right to Know…

Although sponsored by Rep. Pompeo, HR 1599 is the delight of the Grocer’s Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) – which supports corporations like Monsanto, Nestlé and Dow et al. The “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014” fizzled out last year, but the GMA worked to get it introduced in the current Congress.
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  1. people power is the only way to stop the genocidal satanist at monsanto, find out who runs the show, find out the money trail connection, dahboo my friend if people like you in their thousands combined to find out the truth then the company will fold,maybe anonymous could hack in to get records of the criminality.

  2. To bad there is not such a thing as a government that is of the people, by the people, for the people. This country is like a midway at the state fair. You should know better. It’s pretty well buy organic to stay away from Monsanto or get imported food from Mexico. Yep. Pretty sad. So be picky.

  3. Hey Monsanto, why don’t you have a nice GMO salad and chase it with a refreshing glass of Roundup.  You are killing everybody with your shit..and you know it.  What sad shits you are, thinking you can change all the DNA of the world..with no consequence.

  4. FDA : Full Drugs Administration
    gmo’s are so heathly & good for humans that they need to be hidden from the public.

  5. One way I avoid that is buying food labeled organic. Not much variety to pick from, but worth the extra cost!

  6. Solution – Grow your own. If you can’t – Find a Co-Op
    Stop eating garbage… Garbage in- Garbage out

  7. blimey how can they get waay with such treason crimes . lets hope they wont and if they do by some terror i selfishly hope it dont reach the uk 

  8. Government cutting costs by letting stuff through that is not legit – everything requires labeling as consumers require such nutritional information. Give a finger they take a hand and then an arm before you know it there’s nothing left..core, makes you think where do these get off

  9. ALL non-labeled food is GMO already, and if this goes down, ALL FOOD WILL BE GMO, because when labels don’t matter, as Monsanto knows, any toxic sewage will be in packaging on store selves.

  10. Friend of mine tried to feed some noodles to seagulls. They wouldn’t have it.
    Mice don’t shop at McDonalds. So neaither should we.

    Americans are allowing all this depopulist crap be implemented because they feel it came with the deal of getting the American Dream.
    Liberty is the formerly know tyranny. 

  11. GMO is prohibited or heavily restricted in European countries, but Monsanto is trying to get it in via these dodgy “free trade” deals.

  12. Thank-you for the upload and for spreading the Truth of the GMO Labeling Law Dahboo. Great report.
       Peace  Y

  13. Americans and Canadians have to fight this Bill from becoming Law. The Law basically says We Do Not have the right to know what is in the food we buy…This is Monsanto’s et. al. Dream Bill  Please listen and Share everywhere.!!
       Peace  Y

  14. If they’re afraid you won’t buy it once you know what’s in it, then turn the tables on them – let them know that you won’t buy it if you DON’T know what’s in it. Vote with your purse if that’s the only language they understand. 

  15. Thanks for what you do, DAHBOO. TELL EVERYONE PEOPLE. THe sheeple aren’t going to want to hear FEMA and NATO kicking in their suburb houses either. Spread all knowledge before we aren’t able to.

  16. People need to get off their ass and let the sponsors of this bill hear their opinions. Write a letter or write an email. Dont let people convince you it can’t make a difference. It can when they get their emails blown up with msgs against the bill they feel the heat. Contact your reps in your state and see where they sit on the issue.

  17. I deal with High Blood Pressure and take medication for it and it is still higher that the target numbers.

    I go to Cuba for a Vacation. Lots of food and rum that is not supposed to be good for me.  Know What?  My Blood Pressure DROPS BELOW the target and I have to STOP taking my pills to bring it back up to Target Level 120/80 !  WTF !  3 vacations in Cuba and each time the same results !

    Or is it because Cuba has NO ACCESS to GMO Technology because of the US Embargo.

    I am Canadian, Se !

  18. As I see it, it won’t matter whether a label listing the ingredients is on the product or not. My concern is who intonation do we entrust to produce our foods, deliver our drinks/water, etc.?  And, whether those whom we entrust to produce our foods, etc., are they keen (aware) of their purchases?

    God help us! This is only the beginning. And it will be the end of moral construct (moral behavior).

  19. VT has law on the books calling for GMO labeling of all foods. Monsanto is herding the congressional posse in DC to cut them off and leave us all in their chemical darkness.

  20. Guys, let`s huddle up and invent a GMO detector( a glyphosate detector)!  A device similar to Geiger counter, that would allow us to scan through their bullshit and find out what actually is GMo and what isn`t.

  21. 37 co-sponsors.  This is insane.  If your congressman is on the co-sponsor list, call and give them an ear full or visit their office in person.

  22. If people let the gov decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.” Thomas jefferson