Dark Act Defeated: Oregon Senator Introduces National GMO Labeling Law

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Consumer demand for clean, healthy, and non-GMO foods has gained unstoppable momentum, causing a major blow to the agrichemical industry, which relies heavily on genetically altered crops and millions of tons of toxic pesticides.

Though seed giants like Monsanto and DuPont, as well Big Food companies including Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s and General Mills, have collectively spent tens of millions of dollars fighting GMO-labeling laws, their efforts fell short when the Senate blocked H.R. 1599, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015.

Coined the Dark Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know) by its opponents, the legislation would have prevented individual states from passing GMO-labeling laws, as well as reversing any that are currently in effect.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/053353_GMO_labeling_Jeff_Merkley_S_2621.html#ixzz43HSVdJSV




  1. Get them out with your dollars. YOUR choices.Get rid of your nestle cocoa
    addiction and find something else. We will all have to sacrifice to get
    these rats out.Walk away! Do with less. Don’t go to the movies. Grow a
    garden. Have game board night. Buy retro appliances. Take your money out of
    the bank. Start a community garden or swap group. Start your own community
    currency. Do a little or do a lot but DO YOUR PART to change it!

  2. Monsanto is a terrorist organization and should be treated by the law as
    such. They are domestic AND international terrorists and fit every
    description of a terrorist by law. Every person on this video need to relay
    this to everyone they know. CALL MONSANTO WHAT THEY ARE. TERRORISTS. They
    are a threat to the very well being of ALL human beings. This definition
    applies directly to them.
    18 USC section 2331 Definitions (of terrorism)
    (5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—
    (A) INVOLVE ACTS DANGEROUS TO HUMAN LIFE that are a violation of the
    criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
    (B) appear to be intended—
    (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
    (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or
    coercion; or
    (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction,
    assassination, or kidnapping; and
    (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United
    Monsanto does all of these things. They even bought
    Blackwater/Xe/Academi/Greystone who is another terrorist organization to
    enforce their vigilante laws and to intimidate farmers by spreading
    their GMO shit or by threats on their life, family and possessions and
    then claim patent violations as an excuse for their crimes. They BRIBE
    the government and its officials to make laws to benefit themselves.
    They have committed ACTS OF WAR on the American people and they should
    be treated as the treasonous shit and the terrorists that they are.

    Their products, such as GMO foods, fluoride, pesticide and other
    destructive chemical agents (like the ones they produce for the purposes
    of chemtrail spraying) would be consider “weapons of mass destruction”
    as described in 18 USC section 2332a. Their use of bribery is a federal
    offense under 18 USC 201. They extort, blackmail, intimidate by force,
    threaten and intentionally harm human beings and have committed acts of
    genocide (like with the spraying of Agent Orange which THEY produced).
    They have committed acts of war and treason as described by every single
    federal law within 18 USC chapter 115 TREASON AND SEDITION. ALL of
    their employees should be indicted, imprisoned and treated as war
    criminals. Their corporate charter should IMMEDIATELY be pulled along
    with ALL of their subsidiaries and corporate alliances who should be
    charged with aiding and abetting and known terrorist organization.
    Enough is enough. Monsanto has caused more death, destruction and harm
    to the humans of this planet than every war or act of terrorism (Bin
    Laden style/fake/government generated) in the last 50 years. They are an
    absolute abomination and karma is finally catching up with this
    murdering group of true terrorists.

  3. they need to keep the label’s on and let us see whats there period. what
    they would hide from us if they were able to do that. shame on them. it’s
    not bad enough these companies make their prices so high that they slowly
    but surly take more and more money from us without equal return. how else
    do you think they have all this money and hold onto it? it’s because it
    comes from each and every persons pocket. the more you spend the less you
    have at least thats the way i see it and this all ties in one way or
    another and if you don’t know whats in it then who knows what corners they
    will cut to save a buck.

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  5. Thank god, with proper labelling the power of the consumer will have a
    chance to send companies like Monsanto straight to hell. Slower than a
    bullet to the head but just as effective.

  6. Look, this isn’t a “Done Deal” until July 1st, 2016′. And you can BET that
    before this IS law, the companies involved in this (especially Monsanto)
    they will BUY THEIR WAY out of this becoming law before the July 1st date
    comes to past! Senators on the take? You bet cha! Nothing new under the
    sun! And this countries Gov (USA) is so corrupt and money driven that they
    who have the funds (Big Business) can buy their way to do business any
    which way their dark, little hearts so desire! So sadly, NO! This will
    probably end up NOT being a victory for those of us who want to hold these
    companies accountable for what’s truly in our food via proper labeling.

  7. GMOs or no GMOs, 90% of the edible stuff in supermarkets are manufactured
    foods. This stuff has got to be the reason for all the obesity and disease
    in the modern world.

  8. Thank God for this, i need to know where my food is coming from, and whats
    in it FULLY disclosed! ; /

  9. it’s an unnecessary expense. in the age of electronics if people want to
    know what’s in their junk food/food they can fairly easily. demanding they
    print something on every label won’t change the people who don’t read them

  10. GREAT NEWS….i the mean time people who insist on putting so called food
    or drink in their mouths without care at this point get what they deserve.

  11. guy’s in the next four years we are going to start witness bull shit
    happeing after the 2016 presidential elections are over and Trump’s elected
    the big boys are coming out of their shells to show us what life can really
    be all about if the military technology what wall Wallstreet really about
    police protesting along with the sheriff’s Department’s just keep your eyes
    open as long as the internet still up allows you to make your comments on
    YouTube it’s coming after you military state not police state

  12. youtube really screws some channels. sometimes it wont show me anything
    less than four months old.
    hopefully its a decent bill, without gmo loopholes.

  13. Trump is the only reason the people are having any victories. It’s because
    of his courage to stand up against the “masters” that congress is taking
    notice and are having some backbone. They are beginning to be afraid of the
    American people that Trump has stirred up! Go Trump!!!

  14. With technology as good as it is, you could comment all you like and
    they make it so no one else sees it but you and a few other others of
    no concern. is that possible ?

  15. i just found this video. Guess I will check my channels daily. Dahboo can
    you please research the state of Idaho and Monsanto. I went to eastern
    Idaho a few days ago looking for a house to buy. Monsanto owns a lot there
    and employs most people in the area. Kind of reminded me of Burns. Anyway
    potatoes and wheat are grown there gmo of course. The livestock is fed gmo
    grain. Please wake up people …. if its not too late

  16. Fuck them big companies loving to feed us gmo s honey nut Gmo s frosted gmo
    s and all natural gmo s

  17. this is awesome news, I get notifications and they ask for donations for
    the legal help, just sign petitions when you can if you can not donate.

  18. . We need to send a message as a collective, boycott, boycott, boycott.
    Just pick one product that we do not need to be ingesting anyway, like
    Pepsi, and make a lifetime vow not to buy it. I stop buying when I heard
    the rumor of human DNA being found in like products as part of the
    production of it. Besides the fact that it is unhealthy to ingest anyway.
    I absolutely refuse to buy or ingest in the dark sodas for years now