Dance Cardio Workout – 40 Minutes Dance Cardio To Burn Fat – Total Body Workout

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Dance Cardio Workout – 40 Minutes Dance Cardio To Burn Fat – A Total Body Workout (Warm-up to Cooling Down)




  1. I love this workout before my rest days, but I seriously can’t get passed the mountain climbers. They make me wanna puke lol

  2. Can you take the adverts off this please? I love this workout; I do it every week and when I first discovered it there weren’t any adverts and now there are loads! It’s really offputting when you’re in the zone and giving it your all and then an advert plays!

  3. After the leg workout,
    yea that “up to the ceiling” one,
    istg my legs stopped functioning I CANT MOVE MY LEGS HELP