Colorado Rejects Voluntary GMO Labeling

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It’s been a mixed shopping bag for food-labelling proponents recently. On Thursday Colorado lawmakers rejected a voluntary measure that would give food producers the option to label food products that do not include genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Rhode Island is also considering proposals to label foods with GMO ingredients. In the meantime, General Mills has said it will begin labeling Cheerios as GMO-free, but this move could put them at risk of legal action, as most all commercially grown oats are genetically modified. RT’s Perianne Boring talks to Elizabeth Kucinich, director of policy at the Center for Food Safety, about the anti-GMO movement and her documentary “GMO OMG.”

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  1. How do lawmakers make a law about voluntary listing of GMO foods? If it is
    voluntary, they already can do that, and they aren’t legally required to do
    it. This makes no sense.

  2. Australian farmer Steve Marsh lost his organic certification when his
    neighbour’s GMO canola contaminated his land. Steve is suing his neighbour.
    So, guess what? Monsanto is paying the legal fees of the GMO farmer. This
    monumental case has global impact. The court case in Western Australia is
    being heard on Feb 10, 2014.
    On GMO labelling, over 60 countries have it. Many countries have banned GM
    products outright. Biotech companies spent over $45 million to squash the
    labelling campaign in CA. Must be an awful lot of money to made in GM

  3. If GMOs are ‘safe’ as Monsanto and food companies that use GMOs say that
    they are ‘safe’ then what is the problem of labelling the food as
    containing GMO products? 

  4. We do have the right to know,We should demand it.They are afraid to label
    it because know one will buy it and it will go bad in the stores.

  5. All we want is to know what are we eating, genetically modified food is
    still a new thing and there is still upcoming effects of GM food. Label