Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat at Home – 25 Minute Kickboxing Cardio Interval Workout

Weight Loss Tip: Stop making excuses to avoid working out. If you really are busy, set up a schedule where you can exercise sometime during the week and stick to it. Even 10 minutes is better than nothing at all. You should see that this won't interfere with your schedule and that you can keep your productivity levels exactly the same.

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  1. the most fun workout I’ve had !!! it makes sweat but not too much that you
    die half way through the video

  2. Hey guys im just hoping for some support ima start doing this and hopfully
    it helps me lose wight 🙂


  3. Fun workout. I’m home with a cold and did not want to infect everyone at my
    kickboxing gym. This was really good! 250 calories in 25 mins for me.
    Enjoyed the workout. Perfect!

  4. Always doing this one, when I don’t have enough time to hit the gym or want
    a fast sweaty stress-out-workout in the eve… Love it !

  5. So, pro tip: Listening to Classical music while doing this isn’t the best
    idea. However, it does help with form concentration.

  6. This was the first fitnessblender video I ever did. It’s still one of my
    favorites and I keep coming back to it. I love kickboxing – it’s a great
    workout and good therapy :)

  7. first time I didthis work out it got me sore for 2days and I had to try it
    again .. absolutly love it

  8. This one is especially awesome on days when you have some seriously pissed
    off emotions to flush out of your system! hehehehe :P

  9. when i first started this workout i stopped around 3-5 mins xD now its like
    a warmup! ilove it

  10. alright guys, i’ll start including this in my routine (which is the
    37-minute cardio workout with modifications). right now, i am around 130
    pounds and i want to get to 100. let’s see how it goes ;)

  11. i’ve been saying “ill start the first of next week… i’ll start the first
    of next month” for way too long. i finally said “just pick a place and
    start” so i opened this video and did it just now for the first time. i
    managed to get through it and tried my best.
    it feels impossible and like nothing will make a difference but that’s
    because right now i’m at the beginning. im going to try not to overwhelm
    myself. 20-30 mins a day with these videos, and just commit to it and hope
    i see results :)