Calorie Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – Recovery Cardio Workout with No Jumping

Weight Loss Tip: In order to keep your weight loss on track, it is a good idea to keep track of your progress. Once you see that your efforts are paying off in the ways you were hoping, you will be more likely to stick with what is working. Also, change things up so that you do not run the risk of getting bored.

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  1. I got my freshman 15 the summer after freshman year in college. Now that
    school started again, I’ve been feeling so ashamed that I started working
    out. I went from around 125lbs to 138lbs. it’s already been a week but i’m
    starting to see changes. I’ll weigh myself in a week and post how much how
    lost and which exercises I’ve done.

  2. I’ve done this workout now twice all the way through both times I was
    sweating bullets because I’ve been recovering from hernia surgery this
    workout has been perfect.I’m losing weight combining this with gentle Chair
    yoga as well I get my 60 min exercise and works every part of my body. I
    usually don’t comment on videos but this one deserves praise.

  3. Im looking forward to trying this, can’t really do cardio with jumping in
    it as I live in student flats and noise carries so easily!!

  4. This was great yesterday, but then I woke up with sore ribs. I think I
    twisted too much while attempting the plank ankle tap? Or maybe it was the
    one-handedness of the pushup + lift? Sore ribs are the worst, so be careful
    if you’re an upper body weakling like myself :)

  5. These exercises are the best, very easy to maneuver and help you to lose
    that unwanted pounds.
    I started a few of these and I see an improvement in 7 days.
    I’m sticking with this until another month and see how much I’ve lossed.
    Stay tuned.

  6. Q: should i do this everyday, or should i change the workout everyday ..
    cuz i heard that the muscles should take one day for recovery is that true
    ? … i need a routine to keep up with workout or levels. idk.. please
    answer me.


  8. This is a legit workout for beginners or those trying to get back to a
    fitness lifestyle! I used to work out on a normal basis but life happened
    and I fell off. Three years and about 30 pounds later, I’m completely out
    of shape. I’m getting older and need to incorporate fitness as well as
    watch my daily consumption. I’ve been subscribed to FitnessBlender for a
    few years and would randomly do their workouts, but failed caused I either
    quit midway or became too sore to do another routine the next day(s). I had
    to reminded myself to start from square one. Honestly, I thought that I was
    taking the cheap route doing this workout. When in actuality, it kicked my
    butt. Sweat was pouring down my face just like it did in my kickboxing
    aerobic days. This is a good, all-around workout incorporating cardio,
    strength and abs. I see myself doing this for at least four times a week,
    in the next two weeks (taking things slow again) before I move on to
    another beginner’s video from FB.

  9. I’ve been doing this workout for 2 weeks, Monday-Friday, I was just
    wondering when I will start to see results? I’m also wondering when would
    be an appropriate time to switch to a harder workout and what video you
    would recommend. I will keep everybody updated with my results, good luck
    on your fitness journey, and thank you fitness blender for all the free

  10. Just did this while watching a movie & now I feel so much better. A lot of
    these exercises are perfect for stiff/sore musces. I will do this again.
    #fitnessblender #workoutcomplete

  11. hi!
    i started workingout so i’m a biginner and i’m asking is this the video i
    have to apply for the moment and how much i have to do it:1 month or less?

  12. ok so im 12 and my doc recommend more active caus im 5’9 and 167 pounds so
    yea im a bit chubby so thanks ill be doing these

  13. best beginners workout ever! you have a new subscriber! I just recently
    started to work out again and this was very basic but enough to get me
    going and still feel like i did total workout! :)

  14. wow this guy is good, I was just about to break for water when I hit break
    for water. gonna try to keep this going for a week or two before switching
    to a different video

  15. 24/9/2016 September
    I am going to try to do this everyday for at least 1 month to see the
    with 30 minute walk everyday. (the walk can get longer).

  16. I suffer from chronic pain, some days its hard to get out of bed much less
    workout. Since having my son 2 years ago, loosing weight has been
    difficult. This is a great low impact workout that has helped me a lot.
    Thank you,

  17. Did this as a break from my more intense workouts due to menstrual cramp
    and fatigue. Still a pretty tough workout but easy on the joints and achy

  18. I know this is law impact cardio but its so difficult for me i can last for
    10 minutes only 🙁 let me know if there is easier cardio that i should try

  19. 2nd times exercise, marked improvement. I didn’t feel like shit before
    water break and I didn’t feel like shit after the post exercise warm up.

  20. Thank you for this! I have spine and knee problems and this was more gentle
    for them while still getting my heart rate up :)

  21. omg I just did this workout today but i could only do it for 20
    minutes……argh…I’m out of breath and my arms are sore…..hopefully
    2morrow i can finish the entire workout

    thanks fitness blender for these workouts with no equipments. I can feel
    the soreness

  22. LOVE the structure and style of these workouts – really thoughtfully put
    together. Only slight criticism is that it’s really only about 20 minutes
    of cardio, with quite a long cool down stretch at the end (though I’m torn
    there too as I love ending with a down dog-cobra-child’s pose sequence –

  23. I have been convalescing for the last 6 months or so from a long period of
    illness. Gained about 25lbs as well as being totally out of shape. Been
    doing your workout for about a week and I feel great an I think I am seeing

  24. This is hands down the best beginner exercise routine I’ve ever tried. It’s
    easy enough to ease into if you haven’t had an exercise routine in years
    and yet you still feel the burn. Thanks fitnessblender!