Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute Spin Class Workout

Weight Loss Tip: Write down what you eat, keeping a food journal helps you pin point your eating pattern and will enable you to easily modify it. You will also be able to keep track of your calorie count. If possible, have your Registered Dietitian or doctor to review your journal to help you come up with a more healthy diet plan.

Spinning® is one of the best ways to lose weight quickly and train for cycle events.

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If you’re looking for a lunchtime workout to either tone up or prepare for a bike event with some cardio-vascular training this 20 minute spin session is just what you need. Get yourself set up on a static bike, be it an indoor bike, Wattbike or turbo trainer and follow the instructions on screen. We’ve tried to make the sessions a bit tounge in cheek and fun, but at the same time, if you follow this session you will feel like you have had a proper workout. We know, we tried it!

For details of how GCN’s training sessions run and work, see our guide to indoor training here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dq6UWX9c6A and for how to make sure your indoor bike is set up correctly, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_abRj3kInU

Filmed at Pedal Studios in Wimbledon


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As with any strenuous exercise, you should consult a doctor/physician before beginning a programme of exercise. Discontinue your exercise session immediately if you experience any pain, dizziness or discomfort.
Partaking in training sessions following GCN’s video instruction is entirely at your own risk, and Global Cycling Network can not be held responsible for any injuries which may occur as a result of these exercises.

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  1. Just finished this workout and was sweating bullets … This 20 min work
    was equivalent to a 45 min run in the treadmill … For me at least. Will
    def keep doing it

  2. i dunno why but this is very entertaining and makes me wish i had a spin
    bike in my room. Maybe i will try spin class one day after all it looks so
    fun and voice over lady is such an awesome instructor

  3. you should actually breath in from your mouth and out the nose, the mouth
    allows more oxygen in quicker, and the exhaling through the nose creates
    back pressure forcing your lungs to take in more oxygen #science

  4. We are from Holland and we love bikes! We have bikes everywhere and create
    GoPro videos that we wanna share with the world. Subscribe and watch a new
    video every week.

  5. it’s amazing i lost 25kg in 5 month from following this vedio ..big thanks

  6. whats wrong with the voice is she sitting in a studio and making voice
    over. Use it or loose it.

  7. had to show my mum this video cos she legit thought a spin class was where
    you just spin round and round lmao

  8. Oooh good god, it’s got that women in white pants that seriously can not
    ride a bike… If you cycle a real bike, give this on a miss, bouncing
    white pants will do your head in… And if she doesn’t then Dora Explorer
    on vouce over will. Aaaah! Rubbish.

  9. I’d like to thank the brunette in the front for inspiring a lot of
    motivation in me.