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Weight Loss Tip: While it is true that calorie counting may seem like a huge and annoying undertaking the benefits of doing it greatly outnumber any inconvenience. If you can start tracking your calories either in a notebook, a spreadsheet or even an application or website you will be able to see where you are having problems.

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How do I get rid of belly fat?
Since I’ve began this channel, there hasn’t been a single video as highly requested as this one. Belly fat seems to be THAT ONE PROBLEM that almost every single Indian, fat or thin, young or old seems to have. So todays video is a detailed step by step guide on how you can lose belly fat, FOR LIFE. The biggest issue with India is that we JUMP at marketing gimmicks. We try looking for short cute. “5 quick ways to burn belly fat”. “Eat this to get rid of your stubborn belly fat” or “Buy this machine for a flat stomach”
People from the fitness industry KNOW how badly Indians want to get rid of their round bellies. The industry is capitalising on that and constantly trying to fool the average person. That’s what I want to break with today’s video. COMPLETELY UNADULTERATED ADVICE. This is the ground truth and the absolute final solution to you “belly fat” problems. Watch and share! More people need to be FIT-EDUCATED.

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  1. Getting rid of that last 14 pounds of fat looked like not possible challenge until I actually tested the “fizy unique plan” (Google it). It had been so simple to shed that unwanted weight once I got started!

  2. Can you burn fat and build muscle at the same time? if yes, do you stay in a caloric surplus or deficit?

  3. Bro i have a question, i regularly do 50 crunches after completing chest workout in GYM(from 6PM-7:15PM) but,then dinner time comes out at 8:30 PM. So, my question is what should be my diet?
    I m 16 now, weight: 63KG

  4. Great job man, thank you for giving us such helpfull tips to maintain body. Keep going on..we love you

  5. Watching with subtitles avoids the distraction from his hand gestures and facial expressions 🙂 Nice video (y)

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  7. Dude you seriously move a lot , you are too fidgety :/
    Kind of takes off the focus from what you saying cz 80% of the times it’s your arms covering the screen :/