Bill Maher: Don’t Complain About Horse Meat

Weight Loss Tip: If you are trying to encourage your child to have better nutrition, one of the most effective things you can do is to set a good example. Children mimic their parents. The wider the variety of foods you eat, the more foods your child will be willing to try a taste of.

Bill Maher: Can’t Complain About Horse Meat If You Voted No On GMO Labeling. Only a dumbass would believe the Monsanto propaganda and vote yes on no GMO labeling.




  1. Thank you Mr. Maher for being real and telling the truth. Except for 90% of
    all the big fish are extinct just thought you might want to up the
    percentage of scarcity. 93% of all the Food Sources around the Globe are
    owned by 6 Chemical Companies who call themselves Farmers or AgroBusiness.
    Monsanto and 5 other Chemical Companies goal is to control the Global Food
    Supply. They already own the largest seed supply in the world. I care about
    what I put in my mouth! MonSATAN and its FRANKENFOOD is Killing people in
    Maui County and the Rest of Hawaii with their exorbitant usage of
    Pesticides that are so ubiquitous you cannot even breath. It is like Little
    China here with the HS&C Cane Fields and their Round Up Ready (Glyphosate)
    they burn along with the PVC. Now throw an astronomical amount of
    pesticides being used multiple times a day in Hawaii. Monsanto and Dow both
    are spraying restricted poisons 80 different types up to 16 times per day.
    The amounts are staggering.The food is horrible and not nutritious. Label
    and prove that GMO’s are Safe! They can’t that is why both Monsanto and
    Dow spent in excess of $12 million dollars to throw a County of Maui vote
    by the people to put a Moratorium on Monsanto and Dow. The people won
    Monsanto and Dow sued the Grass Roots Movement….and it gets worse. A vote
    means nothing if Corporations like MonSATAN can take our vote away! 

  2. i know what the problem was with the horse meat, i undestand that ppl
    should know, but i have no problem , horse or cow i dont care.

  3. So Mr Science Bill Maher thinks what an animal eats mean you’re eating it
    So what if a fish eats feces, unless you’re eating it’s gastrointestinal
    tract you’re not consuming shit.
    This is nothing more than Bill taking the chance to have another uneducated
    ignorant jab at GMO’s.

  4. Just to make it clear to everyone, horse meat is fine to eat providing its
    killed in an approved abattoir / slaughterhouse. The horse meat recently
    found in food products was illegally sourced and illegally killed in
    disgusting dirty abottoirs and then passed on as beef. Just think about
    that for a second.

  5. the holier than thou maher.ole snoop dog smokes the best weed and mahers
    buddies snort bowls of cocaine.yeah hes better than poor people who eat
    go get your organic veggies and whats left over just throw away because
    nobody is starving in those countries.

  6. Ahh Bill, just a little more reading would have helped you on this. But,
    now you sound stupid. The label movement just wants the products to have
    the “gmo’ or “no gmo” on the label. They don’t care about whats in the
    food, else you would hear them call for labelling on organic products like
    this “mutagenesis”, “in vitro fertilization”, etc. The pro labellers don’t
    want to know, they just want gmos either banned or villified and boycotted.

  7. I think the labeling agenda was concealed for California’s labeling
    law…since Monsanto spent millions of dollars making this law look like
    labeling was not related.

  8. Im a vegetarian and i could not agree with this man more on this topic and
    this is too funny

  9. And here’s GMO salmon that I’m sure Bill is against:

    “With AquAdvantage salmon, market weight of around 2-3kgs can be achieved
    in 18 – 24 months, as opposed to three years.

    However faster growth is not the only benefit, says Dr Stotish.

    AquAdvantage salmon can be grown domestically, in containment close to land
    and populations. This provides a number of benefits.

    The first would be that producing the fish in captivity, in closed systems,
    would dramatically reduce transport costs and improve the whole supply
    chain. Dr Stotish explained that this would have a huge environmental
    impact, reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

    Secondly, producing more salmon in containment will reduce pressure on wild
    fish stocks. Improved fishing methods and overfishing has resulted in a
    major decline in many fish stocks. There are huge concerns for wild stocks
    of Atlantic salmon which can reach closer to 5-6kgs in weight.”


    Don’t you actually care if we protect the environment Bill?

  10. Britain had it’s own scandal like this in 2013. A large amount of horse
    meat was creeping into budget microwave dinners and, it’s not just the
    corporation’s fault, it’s the consumers as well – rather than go that
    little bit further and go for more organic food, make it themselves or even
    so far as to actually care what’s being put in, they opt for the stuff that
    comes out of a machine looking worse than when it went in. If you didn’t
    care what you were putting into your mouth, you can’t get on your high
    horse and suddenly care about what the companies were putting into the
    mincer; you were taking a meal that was once gourmet to one country and
    turned it into a budget snack – you get what you pay for.

  11. In theory, packaging should include as much information as possible.
    However, GMOs are special in that they have an extremely bad reputation,
    one which isn’t supported by facts, while being a necessity for meeting
    food demands. Essentially, labeling GMOs will force them out of the
    markets. So there’s a conflict here. You can either respect people’s right
    to know and make a bad choice, or make the right choice for them and set a
    terrible precedent.

  12. Did I miss something? Was the horse meat genetically modified? How was a
    law mandating the labeling of GMOs going to prevent some cheapskate from
    trying to cut costs with horse meat? This seems very agenda driven.

  13. This MAY sound very funny now, but Veganism can put off these ridiculous
    consequences to senseless, thoughtless, consumers behaviours , though it
    may not completely reverse or erase these behaviours. Why don’t we give it
    a try to help our planet and AS MANY ORGANISMS AS WE CAN that live here.

  14. Though the subject of nihilism can come up, though. But asking “why not”
    can be just as easy as saying “why”.

  15. What I don’t understand is why people were laughing at the end. I’m not
    saying he’s not funny, I mean it in the sense that he was basically laying
    out the truth of the matter right there and they were giggling about it. If
    I was in the audience, I’d pause for a moment of melancholic pondering, not
    laughing about it.

  16. wow! Snoop Dogg is high as fuck here! lol not making fun of him, just his
    eyes are barely open, lmao!

  17. Ah those last 3 seconds, couldn’t have a segment on food without taking a
    pointless cheap shot at one of the biggest most successful names out there
    huh. Papa Johns is one of, if not THE, best, nationwide pizza chains. Their
    crust actually tastes like real pizza crust and it doesn’t make you have
    horrible heartburn and diarrhea for the next 48 hours unlike some other

  18. Thats the problem with these dumb ass libertarians that want no government
    and no regulations….they think the ‘free market’ will just act
    accordingly with safe food handling when there are zero consequences and
    all profit…they say, ‘well, competition will get rid of the unsafe food
    producers…” …yeah…after half the population has violent diarrhea!

  19. I don’t always agree with Bill Maher but when he makes good points, damn he
    can make them amazingly well. Someone needs to do something about rabid
    capitalism so that we have some resources left for our children.

  20. Canadian fishers say they are now, and have been catching (netting),”baby”
    fish, not fully grown anymore.

  21. Bill Maher be like “Religion and PC culture are for IDIOTS! Now, let me
    tell you about the evils of GMOs, vaccines, and Big Pharma…”

    You can’t pick and choose; if you trust the science behind global warming,
    you should trust the science behind GM technology and vaccination.