Ben Swann: Federal Ban On GMO Labeling?

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National Lobbying firm wants a federal ban on GMO labeling on a state level.




  1. If GMO foods are okay for human consumption, then why do they cause cancer to develop in lab mice, the stomachs in pigs and cattle to bleed internally, or prevent reproductive organs in lab rats to completely stop functioning? Sounds totally tasty doesn’t it!

  2. Hey Ben,
    Could you do a story on the gallon size jug of infant water containing fluoride? Unfortunately most people aren’t even aware of this harmful toxic mental retardant being given to their developing young ones. Thanks, brother! Keep informing!

  3. If GMOs were legit these companies would be transparent with their funding.  I am skeptical of anyone that doesn’t show their cards.

  4. Ochywawa, why would big companies spend millions of dollars for you to be in the dark? To Not want you to know what’s in your food? Millions of dollars! Would you put up money out of your pocket right now to say the gmos arent bad for you? Watch “David vs Monsanto”. I promise you will thank me. Not only that the FDA is a joke. So you know how many “foods” “meds” and items they have approved!?!? And had to recall! I’m not being offensive. Instead I invite I challenge you to look into it a little more. To see why engine is up I’m and about this issue. There is a kid on ted talks that destroys Monsanto. I think that is the name of the video. Kid destroys Monsanto. Big corps aren’t looking out for you. And if you haven’t watched “Thank you for smoking” I highly recommend you watch that as well. Good luck.

  5. And gmo stands for genetically modified organisms. Does that sound all natural to you? I guess if I killed off a species and only left certain ones alive, would that be considered natural selection? Naturally I selected the ones that lives. Where is philosoraptor? Lol.

  6. Money is never spent to conceal anything unless there is a very real danger of said something resulting in a potentially consistent or greater loss of money. As the nsa would say to any of us resenting our love letter emails being read, “if they’ve nothing to hide, they’ve bothing to fear.”

  7. Banning GMO labeling is just a bad as REQUIRING GMO labeling. Companies should not be forced by government to label products one way or another. In a free society, the market decides what they want. If people want GMO labeling, companies will do it voluntarily or they will lose business. I can’t understand the bi-polar attitude of this crowd that will oppose government intervention in EVERYTHING… except GMO labeling. Read the Constitution people. If it’s not in there, the federal government can’t do it. Period.

  8. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) + All Natural…  LMAO!  That would fall under the category of the biggest most epic oxymoron of all times!  WAKE UP PEOPLE AND STOP DRINKING THE GMO KOOLAID!  Great job Ben!  Keep up the good work!

  9. Thank you for doing this, Ben – it’s unreal that they want to keep hiding the poison in our food like this. We have a right to know what we’re eating, and under-handed lies in labeling should be a crime in my opinion.

  10. I don’t see why the ingredient list can’t just be modified to add a “[GM]” to it. e.x.(Ingredients: Water, Soy Bean[GM], Soy Bean Oil, Whole Wheat). No need for big labels on the front. The people that care will look.The ones that don’t won’t.

  11. Savage or dark people do misdeeds and are punished for doing so
    The white mahn writes his wrong doings into law then proceeds to do buisness as usuall…