Beginner Six Pack Abs Workout, Lose Belly Fat Fast

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Just starting out? Want six pack abs fast? Then this is the perfect starting piont. This is a powerful yet simple six pack abs workout for the beginner. It will build , upper, lower and side abs and even build a strong core! Did you enjoy the “Beginner Six Pack Abs Workout, lose belly fat fast” video? For the web’s best Six Pack ABS Workout & Excercise Videos visit for everything you need to get ripped!
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  3. The persons are different, while show a person Before work out and After work out…. Will this excercise work?

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  7. I just tried this workout it’s really effective but need to practice it every day only then you can take 1 minute break otherwise you may end up this exercise in few reps…

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  9. Repeat 3 times – does that mean for a total of 4 rounds?  Or do is just 3 times?  

  10. so it says to do it till failure…how long does this normally take? I feel like at first it would be over quick but then later on, it might take like hours, lol like exercise is so boring

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