Beginner 6 Pack Abs Workout , Lose Belly Fat Fast!

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brings you a simple but powerful beginner 6 pack abs work. If you are just starting out, then this is the abs workout for you. It will help you lose belly fat fast and get that sexy 6 pack you always wanted.




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  3. This is REALLY for ALL beginners! I Would have liked more info on proper form tho. Nonetheless, this circuit is doable. Thanks for sharing. This is great! ‘preciate ur effort.

  4. How many days or weeks would it exactly take to have these six packs if i do these exercises everyday????

  5. How long does this take if i eat the right stuff and just do what the video says to lose 1 kilo

  6. I’m skinny . So how do I do this exercises ? Is it daily ? What kind of food should I take ? I’m a footballer . I need your advice asap . Thankyou

  7. I am trying to set up an excercise routine. I have added your video to my list… thank you so much.

  8. This video is 6 years old, but please answer? Should I do it Everyday or every other day?

  9. While im doing the 4th exercise , i can not lift shoulders but lying down the mat . Does it mean i need to work somewhere els before this beginner’s ads workout?

  10. I followed this abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) and achieved a 6-pack abs. Men envy my toned abs as I exercise at the gym. My coach said this guide works well for male and female. If you want the result like me, try it yourself.

  11. Hey Peter, does this also for work Ectomorph skinny frame?
    I am 6’3″ & 73kgs (163lbs). I am skinny all over, but have just developed a belly in the past year. Would this rigorous work out make me even skinnier or does it focus just on the belly?
    Also, I’m a beginner exerciser.

  12. I decided to do some research on the diet “fetching tuti space” (Google it) after a good friend informed me about how much bodyweight she dropped. I Googled it for myself when I got home. She did really well, she dropped 10 lbs.