BAT WINGS, Get Rid Of Flabby Triceps, Loose Skin, Best Arm Workout For Women!

Weight Loss Tip: Don't forget about the short term in weight loss. While you have these great long term goals, you don't want to forget about the short term goals that get you there. You should have short term goals in place that are going to keep you on the right path to the bigger picture in your weight loss efforts.

How to get rid of FLABBY ARMS with Tracy Campoli. Tone up loose skin, bat wings and dangly arms with this weightless arm workout.


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  1. I have been doing this workout faithfully for 5 or 6 months and it hasn’t changed a thing! Plus, I threw out my shoulder while doing this several days ago. It has been very sore and I am afraid I have permanently damaged it. Be careful!

  2. Thanks tracy i have a hard time finding things that are to involved having fibromyalgia i can do the cardio and finally up to 3 on intensity and some strength training but my upper strength and have those wings not great thumbs up.

  3. I’ve noticed that while doing the workout my neck was hurting a lot. Has anyone else experienced this?

  4. Hi Tracey, It been while but still with you. Despite my arms are still flabby. I do see results about to get firm.

  5. Hi Tracey, I’m still with you at 53. I definitely see the definition with my flabby arms and also this is my ninth year as a no red meat eater too. A white meat veggie.

  6. Tracy is there any routine, like 3X a week? And when would I expect results? Tough but doable! Love it!

  7. day 3 of using this video every day. I feel stronger in my arms. however. every time I do this video, I have to pause and do some shoulder/neck stretching because it feels pinched tight.

  8. This is hard hahaha about to do ut the 3rd time and im on fire best work out without weights!!

  9. Great workout, however music overpowers instructors voice, distracting almost moved on had to mute. Thank you a new fan. Just Mercedes

  10. I’ve been doing this exercise for 2 weeks now and it’s definitely showing some results on the upper arms, but hasn’t really had much effect on the back of my arms (“the batwings”). I’ll continue for another month or so and see if that changes. Good exercise overall

  11. *does it once* Sweet baby jeezus that hurt “So go ahead & do this 3 times!” ,, well shizz

  12. I can feel the burn in my upper arms during the second workout, but the first one is really easy for me??