Ancient Drink to Lose Belly Fat in 5 Days

Weight Loss Tip: An easy way to cut out additional calories is to stop the evening snacking sessions. After dinner, take a walk, get to the gym or increase your water intake. After an hour or so, assess if you body is feeling hungry. If so, have a yogurt, or a protein shake, instead of reaching for pretzels or carbohydrate-rich foods.

In this video i will show you ancient drink to lose belly fat in 5 days.
Follow this drink every day for five days and give two days break.
Follow it again to achieve the desired results to lose belly fat.

1. one or Two cups of Water.
2. Turmeric
3. Ginger.
4. Cinnamon.
5. Pepper

Take water in a kettle and add pinch of Turmeric, Ginger and Pepper. Let it boil for sometime. Later add cinnamon and take in cup to drink the mixture.
You can add Honey and mint leaves to taste.

Note:- Please follow this procedure at your own risk. Foodlovers channel or any person related to video cannot be held responsible for any side effects that cause out of this video.

Tip to loose Belly fat Fast :- Drink at least two to three liters of water to loose unwanted fat.

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  1. Hi My Doubt is can we drink this tea without honey. because i feel like
    without honey its good. since my body gets over heat when i use along with

  2. is it really effective ???
    really i want to reduce my belly fat………will i really lose belly fat
    in 5 days……what things to avoid or not