Accurate And Cheap Bodyfat Measurement Using Skinfold Caliper

Weight Loss Tip: A great nutritional tip is to not place too much emphasis on dessert. If you place too much emphasis on dessert, your child will think that dessert is the best meal, and they'll start to crave sweets even more. Try limiting dessert to a few nights a week.

I’ve been getting lots of requests for this because people have been having trouble figuring out how to use skinfold calipers. These are the cheapest and most accurate way to measure bodyfat, way more accurate than those electronic gadgets used at gyms.

The reason its so important to know bodyfat accurately its the only way to know if that 10 pound increase on the scale is because of added fat or added muscle. If you dont have one of these, get yourself one! They are about .

So you measure the skinfold thickness in 3 places. Halfway between your nipple and your armpit, 1″ to the side of your belly button, and on the front of your thigh half way between the crease and your knee. Measure, dont guess, use a sharpie and mark. Measure when standing

To measure the thickness, use your thumb and forfinger to make a “C”, grab as big of a hunk as you can. Then squeeze the hunk till it hurts and pull. Place the caliper ends 1/4-1/2 of an inch away from your thumb and index finger, then take the reading within 5 seconds. Measure in the middle of the fold, not right next to your body, not out at the tip of the pulled skin – halfway. Measure each place 3 times in round robin and then take the average.

Now before I tell you how to convert to bodyfat percentage, let me say that although its much more usefull than BMI, bodyfat percentage is still a pretty useless number. The mirror can tell you if you have 6-pack abs or not, you dont need to know your bodyfat percentage to know that! The main use of these calipers is to gauge progress, it doesnt matter what your bodyfat measure is, what matters is if it is going up or down.

So having said that, after you have averages your three measurements at each location, head over to my website and plug in your three values along with your age and weight. It will then tell you your bodyfat percentage and body composition, how many pounds of fat and your lean body




  1. Dammit, tryed this today first time, and it said i was 9 %, while i can tell, that i am at least 13-15. What was i doing wrong? Next time i will try measuring as soon as i wake up…

  2. Tryed again on an empty stomach, says 9%… What the hell, this is not true. Anyone has the same problem?

  3. Dude you shouldn’t rely on the actual number because it’s bullshit, you should rely on the difference. For instance you now meassure 9%? And next month you meassure 7%, it’s the fact that you know you lost 2% that’s what makes body fat meassurements like these useful not that you are actually 7% because that’s most probably inaccurate. If you really want to know the exact number you should do one of those underwater meassurements but really why would you? It’s all about the progress!

  4. Agreed, but honestly now i m not even sure if it can track how much i lost actually. Like let’s say i go from 15 to 11, something tells me that it will not show 5. You will say any fat you lose is good, but than why not just use the scale?

  5. afaik those electric scales work with electric shocks, these ‘shocks’ that go through your body have no idea if it’s just water or bodyfat. If you use your caliper (the right way) you won’t make the same mistake, you meassure the same way every month and of course even this isn’t as accurate as underwater meassurement but it’s a hella lot more accurate than those scale shit.

    But dude, at the end, it’s all just the result you get in the mirror.. Like scooby says, not the numbers.

  6. yep i agree. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. Listen I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. i found it here bit.ly/12rqYzw?=zhmph

  7. I think I did this wrong. Firstly I am obese, I’m a 235 lb 21 year old male who’s 71.5 inches. The 3 measurements I got were 24, 32, 24. I did it multiple times. I got an FFMI of 25.068. On your website it says I’m muscular but I’m not, I’m really not. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong I did the measurements multiple times.

  8. Honestly, this method is quite inaccurate. I recommend looking up CSEP protocols and having someone certified or knowledgable to do the measuring itself. It’s just more accurate that way, but I understand that this method is suitable for home and as a quick/rough estimate to compare over time.

  9. It says im 4% No matter how many times i do it i always get the same results? but i know for a fact i am far from 4%???

  10. Hi scooby does this apply to women as well? Or are they measured in other areas of the body?

  11. great video… Hey where did you get those new zealand ferns from? They are native plants that originate from my country,. New zealand lol

  12. @scooby1961, My question is similar to @seal3081. I lost weight 20 years ago and have some extra skin. I’m 5’6 and 184 – My shoulders and back are pretty defined, but my belly is a mess. How much of that is extra skin, and how much is fat that i need to lose? I took a swag using your calculator that if I want to be about 10% body fat – I need to be about 172. I have a slow metabolism – so I am guessing I need to adjust your spreadsheet to take that into account, if i don’t see results? Should I follow the advice you have given to seal3081 and just keep it simple with a tape measurer? I am getting into lifting weights at 41 – and I am surprised at how much more I can lift compared with 8 weeks ago. It’s crazy! I am going to finish this bulking cycle – then I want to do a cutting cycle for 4-6 weeks. I’m still doing cardio, bc I ride my bike to work, even though you really aren’t supposed to during a bulk – but I don’t really buy that. how could biking to work possibly be a bad thing? I bike about 45 miles a week. I’m following the high protein, complex carb recommendations that your spreadsheet just spit out – so it appears I am doing that already – probably just need to reduce calories, up the cardio, and do a cutting weight lifting regimen of higher reps and lower weight – what do you think?

  13. I’m 179cm 16yo male who wheights 63 kilos. I have semi good amount of muscle, can’t see sixpack, expect in some light, where they seem pretty nice actually. It says I’m at 10% bodyfat. Is that possible? That has been my goal for so long :D. I know it is not 100% accurate but still. And I know you might be pretty impossible to say if it is or if it’s not but.. You know :d

  14. It says im 11% and i pinched as hard as i could without screaming. But i dont think thats right, i feel that fat on my stomach is plenty and abs are far from showing

  15. Great video! Question:
    I get consistent measurements every time, but I’m having a hard time believing the results. I must being doing something wrong. I have the exact same caliper as the one in your video. 25y/m/173cm/70kg/10mm chest/22mm belly/12mm thigh. This gives a result of 12% body fat. The thing is I think in reality it’s a lot higher. When I flex you can kind of make out the lines of my abs, but no where near a six pack. Definite fat layer. I try to follow the video exactly the way you do it. I feel like I’m more like 17%, but I don’t know!

    Thanks for many years of inspiration, information and true motivation!