Accumeasure Fat Caliper Vs Fake Copy

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Fake caliper is made of a different plastic composite compared to the original Accumeasure (that I have as well).

Fake caliper does NOT have the Patent(s) on the back nor does it state where the product is made – U.S.A.
Original item has “US Patent 5,156,161, Canadian Patent 2,127,888 EPO Patent 0,616,506”
Patent info here:

Fake item do does not work as described; the press button should make a “click” sound when pressed and then return to it’s natural position, the fake item however gets stuck after pressing and does not retract back to its natural position

This is taken from the Accumeasure website:
“Unique, patented features include an audible and a tactile “click” when the predetermined pressure level is reached for accurate body fat measurement. The “click and feel” approach help an individual generate accurate, repeatable, and reliable results.”

Fake item comes in a plastic pouch with a zip seal similar to that of a sandwhich bag, the instructions are a piece of paper.

Fake Caliper’s Accumeasure text is smaller, not as bold as the original and it is hard to see from the video but the letters are not as raised – a comparison of the difference would be like that of braille (Original Accumeasure) to a laser printed page.




  1. I have both as well and im here to tell ya it doesent matter. Thats right folks doesent matter one bit. They will both read pretty close to the same measurements.

  2. I also got a fake on Ebay, but it looks more fake than this one. There’s no AccuMeasure brand anywhere, and there’s no click, ever. Very bad imitation, luckily I only wasted $8. Now time to buy a real one.

  3. Thanks for the video. I was wondering why the caliper was giving me ridiculous readings. Thanks again

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  5. FYI: Mine came in a plastic pouch as well, but does have the patent stuff on the back. I got it from Amazon. Only problem I have with it is that the ‘measurer’ is slightly mis-aligned, so sometimes doesn’t click it should.

  6. Can anyone say how inaccurate it has beenĀ measuring with a fake one?Ā I got a fake , unfortunately, on the internet, but it has been giving me pretty consistent and reasonable results. I just have to watch the pressure measure fit in, instead of hearing it click in.

  7. what about to use only over the suprailliac point to measure body fat percentage? cause if I use other methods, I usually obtain more of the accu-measure method: about 25% (other methods) VS 14% (accu measure)!!!

  8. This caliper, the generic version, is the leastĀ  accurate caliper I have used. I am comparing it to the SlimguideĀ  and the Lange Skinfold Caliper. I suggest you purchase the Slimguide over the Accumeasure if you want calipers in the same price range.