Weight Loss Tip: Make sure you are getting plenty of vitamin D in your diet. Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, depression, cancer and a number of other illnesses. Foods rich in vitamin D include milk, cod liver oil, fish and liver. If none of these foods appeal to you, try taking a supplement to get your daily dose, instead.

We think of fruit as a low-calorie and healthy food, eating it for snacks and even instead of dinner. However, many of them contain as much as chocolate!

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  3. I once ate too many grapes, and got sick, throwing up, stomach ache.. Yeah.. I don’t think I like grapes as much now..

  4. Lies… I only eat fruit for breakfast and I’ve had more energy, and even lost 20 lbs in a month. Get rid of the sweets, ramen, junk food, and soda.

  5. Good thing I don’t eat half of the stuff in this list, lol. So long grapes and bananas , I’ll miss you.

  6. This video is BS. They uploaded a video that you should eat 2 bananas a day. They don’t know what they are talking about. And also, who eats the pit of an apricot?

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  8. No strawberries, avocados, grapes and bananas. I’ll just eat sliced apples with balsamic vinegar instead