3 Fat Loss Breakfast Recipes

Weight Loss Tip: If you are going to eat food with high calorie or sugar content, try to eat it early in the day when your metabolic rate is moving at a faster pace. You are more likely to end up with excess calories that get stored as fat if you eat such foods later in the day when your metabolism is slower.

My Fat Loss Program —

0:38 The 3 MUST HAVES of a Lean Breakfast
0:59 Is Dairy OK????
1:21 Biochemical Individuality & Dairy
1:38 Greek Yogurt Parfait Recipe
1:55 Regular Granola vs. Brenda’s Lean Granola
2:00 A Word about Oatmeal and Prolamines
2:18 Raw Buckwheat Groats (buckwheats are NOT related to wheat..not even the same ballpark. Two totally different things)
3:48 Protein Shake with some lean twists
4:46 Chia Seeds, and why you should use them
6:15 Breakfast Burrito (and rethinking eggs)
7:00 A brief word on nutritional yeast (which actually has protein & fiber also)
7:40 Spices for a superior egg burrito


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  2. I have a sweet tooth but honey is an excellent sweetener. Also I have not heard of brown rice tortillas.

  3. Why put sweetners in?Wouldn’t you get that from the berries ect.All these things cost money, so why over do it.

  4. Good recipes. I do the protein shake. I also do the fage 0% with fruits but didn’t add any coco honey thing that you did. I don’t have any. I add spinach and frozen berries to my smoothie almost every other day! Some of us do the same thing lol we’re not All thinking “what the hell?”

  5. “Come over here to see what i’m doing” …..I would but i’m behing the screen eating oreos.

  6. There are a few ideas for weight reduction at home
    Ensure you consume enough water – I suggest eight cups each day.
    Set a max amount of chips Sweets sugary drinks you have each day.
    Cut down snacks or have fruit or vegatables.
    write dwon what you eat and check it to see how you can cut down.
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Lakan food tactic site )

  7. “Milk has no nutrients” says the lady who pours her almond milk… with a grand total of 11 almonds in it

  8. Hey great recipes…question can I mix into  my morning smoothie all the stuff like turmeric potato starch green powder ACV etc along with my green and fruit and whole stuff I put in my drink?

  9. So what’s the difference between eating those tortillas vs whole wheat bread. I’m talking calorie wise.

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