Whole Foods To Label All GMO Products!

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Whole Foods has recently announced their plan to label all GMO products in their stores! This is a major victory for those of us who have been raising awareness about this issue for years! This is a step in the right direction which will contribute to the effort to have GMO foods eliminated entirely from our food supply.

Whole Foods’ mandatory GMO labeling initiative and why it will take five years to solve the GMO problem:

The Campaign To Label GMO’s In Ontario:

The Monsanto Monopoly:

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  1. I need to shop Whole Foods. The list of major food makers is huge and I feel betrayed by Hershey’s, pepperidge farms, General Mills, Gatorade, on and on it goes

  2. the CEO here is unhappy. see his micro expression in the beginning of lower teeth jut. then later he’s happier when nodding he’s head and saying customers good. He’s not thrilled. 2016 not here yet. Buy local & selectively online- there salad bar sucks-

  3. It’s 2017 and they haven’t done a damn thing, accept lobby against GMO labeling.

  4. this is great but most people dont care . thats the truth. also talk is cheap lets see if they do it.

  5. Nope. We still will not step foot in a Whole Foods Market. No thanks. I wouldn’t trust Robb any further than I could throw him.