Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss – Cardio and Abs Workout

Weight Loss Tip: One of the most important ways to be fit is to stay hydrated. You should drink around 2 liters or 8 glasses of water that are 8 ounces full. Being hydrated keeps your energy high, and prevents you from pigging out at the first sign of hunger. It also removes impurities from your body.

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  1. Guys I need support from ya’ll! I’ve done it for two days and I know
    there’ll be some benefit if I go on for longer but I just haven’t got it in
    me to carry on…

  2. help!! i stopped doing this work out for like 3 months how do i bounce back
    after a break??

  3. if ya do this one and a upperbody workout and then the next day just hiit
    legs/strength training with running and just keep alternating like that is
    that okay? You can still get results that way right?

  4. Im literally sitting on my bed eating a plate of celery with a little
    peanut butter drinking a a lot of water “trying to lose weight” but I don’t
    want to does this cuz Im already sweating watching this video it looks like

  5. starting now Im about 156 I want to lose at least 10 pounds how long should
    i do this workout for?(weeks/months) to lose 10 pounds?

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