Top 5 Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Weight Loss Tip: One helpful tip for losing weight is to practice mindful eating. Give yourself time to just eat and enjoy your food, instead of watching TV and eating or eating on the run. Although that can be tough in this fast-paced world, it will slow you down and help you focus on what you are putting into your body. Focus on the taste of the food, how you feel when you're eating it and when you feel full. Stop eating just before you are full, as it will take your brain a little time to register that you have had enough to eat. Give it a try and you will feel more satisfied with your meals if you do!

5 simple exercises you can do at home and reduce your belly fat naturally.

– Crunches :
– Twist Crunches :
– Bicycle Crunch :
– Plank :




  1. Losing belly fat by working out your abs is a myth. The only way to lose belly fat is by lowering your body fat percentage through a daily calorie deficit.

  2. Do anybody know about Fenoboci Diet Plan? Does it work? I hear many individuals burn their fat with this popular weight loss method.

  3. Crunches too lose belly fat, what utter rubbish,for a start you can’t just lose ‘belly fat” your body loses it from all over and you would have to do about 250,000 sit ups to lose a pound of fat…