The 5 BEST Fat Burning Exercises FOR MEN! (LOSE WEIGHT FAST!)

Weight Loss Tip: An easy way to cut out additional calories is to stop the evening snacking sessions. After dinner, take a walk, get to the gym or increase your water intake. After an hour or so, assess if you body is feeling hungry. If so, have a yogurt, or a protein shake, instead of reaching for pretzels or carbohydrate-rich foods.

What are the best fat burning exercises for men? This brand new video will organize those exercise into a killer fat burning workout to show you how to lose weight fast…WITHOUT cardio.

These 5 fat burning exercises for men will also help you increase testosterone, leanness and mass. This is a protocol that helps me stay lean all year round and has been so effective that I built an entire program around it called Shredded In 6, which you can learn more about at the link below.


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  1. I find doing cardio on a empty stomach first thing in the morning burns fat much faster then if i were to do cardio later on in the day. Also there will be times when i mix my eating pattern up to confuse my body so that my body doesn’t get used to my intake. Its nice to get different ideas but what works for one doesn’t work for all. People need to play around with their bodies to find the best results for them. Also i am pro American but i find with you Americans you spend way to much time talking instead of getting on with your videos.

  2. Whats wrong with your hair Woody Woodpecker? Did you just had a nap in the car or what?

  3. i just started trying these magical workouts “screw cardio” and trust me !!!!!!! i feel stronger and leaner and very quick! thanks man!

  4. This is a sick complex! Did it for the first time today. 65lbs and got 6 rounds in under 19minutes… gassed out and pouring sweat! Thank you

  5. Great workout, I guess you’re not taking a short rest between each round right? I’m a little confused

  6. My good friend lost 12 lbs following this weight loss plan. I had never seen of this before. I Googled the “fizy unique plan” straight away to discover more about it.

  7. I tried this work out for the first time. I started at 80lbs and managed to do 7 rounds, it kicked my ass.
    Should I drop the weight to ensure I complete 10 rounds in the 20 minutes? Or, should I continue with the same weight until I can do 10 rounds, in twenty minutes, before increasing the weight.

  8. My mate dropped 13 pounds after this diet program. I had never heard of it before. Head over to Google and search “fizy unique plan”, you will know what I am talking about.

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