Skinfold Measurements

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How to accurately take skinfold measurements




  1. I have to teach a one-time class about the basics of skinfolds, so I’ve been looking through videos. This one is great, and I’m going to be using it for sure!

  2. Mils is sometimes used as an abbreviation for millimeters in conversation but you are right that it would have been more correct to say the full word. Measurements are definitely not in milliliters.

  3. Love the intro – how it was explained why only the right side of the body is measured and how to read from the calipers… Although how the sites for the skinfolds were taken is a little different to how I am being taught. 

  4. Very well explained and very professionally done! This is a huge help.. I have an Exercise Physiology lab exam in about 30 minutes and have to do skinfold measures on a subject. This was a great refresher and helped me feel a little more confident i know what is asked of me. Thanks for the help!

  5. very well explained but i need one small clarification is it how ? we measure abdominal site horizontal or vertical?

  6. it can be helpful to take 2 measurements at each site, and if they’re not within 10% do a third measurement – For more accurate results!
    EDIT: you may find that the thigh is easier if they sit down and bend their knee at a 90 degree angle ! 🙂