Secret To Buying Bulk Seeds – Non GMO Crops / Natural Farming Seeds!!

Weight Loss Tip: As people get older, you should try to limit yourselves on the amount of salt you eat every day. These salts are mostly found in processed foods and you may not even realize just how much you are consuming. Try reading the labels of the foods that you see at the grocery store before you buy them.

Here is a cool way to buy pounds of seeds for the same price as a pack of seeds. Perfect for natural farming techniques where you throw seeds and let crops grow naturally. I hope this help you to save money on some NON GMO garden seeds this year. Thanks for watching everyone!




  1. You can also buy different types of wheat and oat seed at Whole Foods /
    Sprouts etc.
    You can use those for wheat grass and oat grass to juice or for your cats
    to chew on.

  2. hey man i’m trying to look up some none gmo stuff i’m gonna talk to my
    family to come together everyday these things they love are satans
    deception that i’m trying to get them out with i hope my plan actually
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  3. I’m not worried about gmo at the moment. I just want food I eat for these
    prices. I expected a better selection.

  4. so some one in the stone age kept seeds from farmers and greedy coops and
    thats how you get non gmo….thats the only way

  5. First time i seen this video, i was wondering if you ever planted the
    garden, I tried a non gmo garden one year a few years ago and it got
    ravaged by some sort of worm or insect, they just feasted on it, so was
    wondering how it went for you and iwhat you used to keep the varments away
    from it.

  6. Which types are these cold or hot weather crops? what types of natural
    fertilizers for each? how do they do in greenhouses? we are in greenhouse
    for food crops only now. Our water was contamenaited by the EPA ( Animas
    River, N.M. ) so we will be running it all through a heavy metals settling
    tank before applying to crops. 2015 if this is their best then they need to

  7. for got to mention we use no pump B.A. Kratki hydroponic tubs and soil
    based vertical grow towers in a winter heated greenhouse.