Scientific Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tip: One easy strategy you can use to lose weight is to get rid of the whites. There are so many rules in weight loss, but if you follow this easy rule, you will see success. Do not eat anything made with white flour, sugar, or white rice. This is one easy rule you can follow.

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Tired of searching for the perfect diet or pill to shed some pounds? Find out the top weight loss tips, with solid science to back them up.

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  1. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to lose weight that does NOT

    exercise that causes sweating which is really bothersome
    starvation that can cause heart attack from calorie restriction
    dieting which restricts certain nutrients needed to function
    diet pills that cause cancer from all the chemicals
    liposuction that causes nasty scars/stretch marks

    I know I’ve just ruled out all the ways to lose weight. There is no
    apparent safe or effective easy way out. Why can’t a scientist or magician
    come up with an answer yet? **sigh**

  2. Umm but I don’t eat breakfast I already eat so much at dinner I full full
    in the morning is that still ok

  3. Try the free Myfitnesspal mobile application. Counting calories works for
    me. It has helped me lose 8 lbs in one month. I finally broke my plateau,
    where i did not lose weight for 1.5 yrs. I lost 50 lbs in 3 yrs. Then got
    stuck. Now my body is responding.
    My weekly goal is to lose 1 lb per week until i weigh 145lbs. Then maintain
    & build more muscle. Plus I follow a Plant-based lifestyle for 3.5 yrs.
    Fast from 7pm to 8am. I get blood work done every 6 months, so i know I’m
    not deficient in protein, etc. My chronic health issues reversed as well.

  4. hi… I’ve reduce 7 kg in a month … but now 1 more month i take strict
    diet but no result. .. what to do?

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  12. I’ve been drinking a lot of water for 1-2 months now.. it made me fat but
    also made my skin in great condition… D; would I rather be skinny with
    dry skin.. maybe and be friends with lotion. ah I’m not too happy

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