Monsanto, Dow Chemical Fighting Oregon GMO Labelling Activists

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Oregon consumers and big agriculture are facing off today, with voters set to decide whether food manufacturers must specially label genetically modified foods. Over 50 countries already require GMO labeling, but special interests in the US have long fought the practice. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky has more on the referendum and the influences at play.

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  1. Now we know why Obamacare has been implemented – because many people are going to have health problems in the future from GMO foods – its a win / win situatuion for the Large Corporations and Rockefeller Medicine !
    They make profit on the Front end and they make profit on the back end.

  2. Are Monsanto, DuPont and the such actively campaigning against labeling? I mean, are there adds on tv telling consumers that GMOs are nothing to worry about? I don’t think so. What do they spend campaign money on then? Lobbying? How can that not be called bribery and thus corruption?!?!

  3. Oregon? what about the rest of the country?
     What the fuck is WRONG with AMERICANS!!!
    Please  WAKE THE FUCK UP, and Say something!!!

  4. It’s so OBVIOUS why these devils don’t want the labeling.

    If there were nothing wrong with their garbage they’d have nothing to hide.

    Can’t have it BOTH ways – can’t be associated with Lucifer and be “light-bearers” and not want LIGHT shed on your bullshit.  They are so fucking STUPID that they believe they will be absolved from the universal Karman laws.

  5. Use their chains and slap the NWO right up side the HEAD! https://www.facebook.com/TheFreedomOfKnowledgeThePowerOfThought

  6. The major fault this video has is that gmos are new. They have been around on record for 30 years and action has not been taken against this until recently. We don’t know what is gmo or may have come from gmo anymore being that most seeds now a days have crossbred or have been a next generation which we are now calling organic. We have corrupted the world’s food without knowing it.

  7. lol rt has truly been brought out and paid for by the anti science propaganda machine. you cut scientist from debate, plug activist quacks without scrutiny, push misinformation, just shameful.

  8. If we had a government that cared there would be no voting. WE should make congress eat this shit. Obama too

  9. It doesn’t matter if the local supermarket doesn’t sell GMO-free food. There’s a huge demand for it and people are willing to pay more. 

  10. I support the movement, even though it is backwards and not focused on the real problem: which is the chemical and pesticide contents of most GMO foods. 

    There is very little evidence of the GMOs themselves being harmful. There is plenty of evidence that the pesticides and herbicides that many are GM’d to tolerate ARE harmful to humans and other animals. The GMO crops that are resistant uptake the chemicals, and the fruits of those plants contain various levels of said harmful chemicals. 

    A more rational and scientific regulation would be to force the disclosure of every product’s composition and the levels of these chemicals present in the end food product.