Weight Loss Tip: Seniors can live longer, stay sharp mentally longer and maintain a high quality of life longer, with good nutrition every day. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables help keep bones stronger, which reduces the risk of fractures. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables can also reduce recuperation times in the event a fracture occurs.

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In this video I am showing 4 tips to lose weight from stomach/belly and other areas where you have fat. Melt Fat away without any exercise. Target specific areas and lose fat. These tips will increase metabolism and you will be able to lose weight even when you are asleep.

In this video I have used the following ingredients:
Raw Honey
Lauki/Bottle gourd
Black Salt/Kala Namak
Celery Sticks

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  1. 1st tip me dar chini ko kia ham bar bar use kar sakty mtlb roz WO e stick ya kitny din tak ham use kar sakty?

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  4. curd n garlic waali tip mei…… curd ki jagah pe aur kuch mix kr sakte hei kya….. mei curd nhi leti….. plz tell me

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