Meet the top politicians being paid to make GMO labeling illegal

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New documents from OpenSecrets claim that House of Representatives lawmakers who voted for the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, a law which would stop any labeling of GMO foods, were paid at least three times as much by food industry lobbyists compared to other members of the chamber. Manila Chan has more details.

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  1. Looks like the Capitol Hill’s parking lot might got LOTS of EVISCERATED
    dead politicians should angry Americans finally decided to cleanse their
    nations from those corporate/bank funded puppets, I mean leaders.

  2. Companies shouldn’t be forced to label anything, except by the people who
    sells or consumes their products.

    Government force, either for or banning of labeling, is not the civilized
    way to go. 

  3. “Here’s what I’ll do as President. I’ll immediately implement Country of
    Origin Labeling because Americans should know where their food comes from.
    And we’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified
    because Americans should know what they’re buying.” –Senator Barack Obama,

  4. Just show’s the who’s side they are really on….as long as big
    corporations are allowed to line the pockets of the senate our government
    will never be looking out for the peoples interest

  5. “Organic” is a meaningless term. There is no evidence that GMO food is
    dangerous to anyone. There is no basis for the belief that “organic” food
    is better than any other kind of food. You people sound like anti-vaxers.

  6. All of them were Republicans except for one. See Republicans are money
    grubbing sell outs.

  7. my how the value of human life has plummeted.. under 200.000$ per city..
    divided by person.. yikes
    these guys will suck your d$ck for a rupee lol

  8. Citizens arrest of these politicians are now necessary to save humanity.
    Allowing these politicians to continue their policy will pollute the
    planet, poison the world and create more wars for resources.

    Their legacy will be that of shame to future generations…..

  9. These GMO people need to justify their modification of already complete
    plants not the other way around.

  10. Another “victory” for dumb-mock-crazy elections and another blow to the
    Bill of Rights.

  11. Edomites fighting Edomites! Notice all of them where melanin deficient,
    Albino Gene Mutants, white/red pink devil’s!!! The self per claimed white
    man would sell out his mother for a buck! These Elite pieces of shit could
    care less about this country!!! They are raping the earth with just as
    much enthusiasm and everything is going to Hell fast! The Creator is
    coming back and finally putting you bastards to the sword, Shalom!

  12. Any politician supporting the covert poisoning of Americans have out lived
    there usefulness in DC. Time for these corrupt politicians to take their
    bribe money and go home where they should be charged for racketeering and
    corruption and jailed..

  13. It’s absolutely horrifying that this legislation gained any momentum. It’s
    extremely sad when looking at how cheap these congress pigs were bought out
    at (from either side), and how our constitutional right of having
    “representatives” has failed us all in Congress so many times.
    I don’t care what side of the figurative road you’re on (refering to the
    left or right) you should be concerned that most of no one is looking out
    for you and your’s future; weather it be oil domination of the economy, tax
    funded private prisons, or civil liberties as a whole.
    Wake up and smell the dog shit in your face! Citizens should unite, and say
    we dont recognize these bull shit laws, and force a move on Washington as a
    whole (in a nonviolent, severely concerned manner).

  14. these vgovernment laws need to be put back nto what the people want , if we
    all want labeling they need to give it to us that is consttutional , we the
    people have the right to get rid of any gov that goes against the people.
    government needs to STOP being greedy and being underfoot to these
    corperations stand up for your rights PRO-PEACE

  15. I used this as a reply, but I think it makes enough sense for everyone to

    (In response to someone saying GMOs have no effects on human DNA) First, no
    long term effect. People aren’t comfortable being the long term case

    Second, people want freedom of choice, the same way they choose to eat
    locally grown food, or organic food free of pesticides.

    Third, a lot of it is the mega-corporation’s fault for doing stuff like
    this that makes people think they’re the devil. Buying up companies that
    are in charge of the type of research people want unbiased. (Buying
    Beelogics after being accused of killing off a large number of the
    population with their pesticide practices)

    Fourth, a lot of the problems people have with GMOs is the company’s
    business practices over seas, how they handle ‘legal disputes’ with small
    farms (suing them after their seeds contaminate the small farms), and the
    fact that Mosanto used to create chemical weapons (not wanting to support
    the company and it’s founders for moral reasons. Agent Orange was a big

    Fifth, the insane amount of farming done by mega-corporations is negatively
    affecting the ecosystem of our entire planet with the ridiculous amounts of
    organic waste being dumped (Creating sewage lakes near populated
    residential and farm areas, just google ‘pig farm drone footage’ and see
    for yourself), the crazy amount of CO2 from their mega farms, the sheer
    amount of waste our country creates on a whole (showing we throw out 40% of
    our edible food annually, we don’t need mega yields at all, we need less.
    Steve Oliver did a wonderful piece on this) and an over use of anti-biotics
    on live stock is causing them to become ineffective rapidly.

    Let it be known I support admission of climate change, use of vaccines and
    modern sciences. I think mega corporations like Monsanto and DuPont need
    more transparency, to be held more accountable and stop pushing the
    mentality that the world needs more super crops when so much of our
    resources are already going to waste just to be tossed in the garbage.

  16. life sentence in jail especially because corrupted politicians, disgusting
    country how can you live in a place like that

  17. The only candidate who wants to serve the people and ensure they are
    healthy is Bernie Sanders. Other candidates are smart enough to eat organic
    themselves (so do Monsanto execs) but certainly don’t care about the people
    and will gladly pocket money to poison the population.

  18. They whole god damn system and everybody in it are corrupt beyond most
    peoples understanding of corruption. Who is the guy that worked as head
    legal counsel for Monsanto, then went to work for the FDA as the ‘food
    zar’, then went back to work for Monsanto for a few years, then back to the
    FDA. This is some of the most overt corruption and we stand idly buy while
    these fuck bags destroy our food chain…because we’re disempowered little
    slaves and we don’t know how do do anything but be good little fucking

  19. Here’s part of the inside story behind the DARK Act passing in Congress
    despite surveys showing that 90% of Americans wanting GMOs in food
    labelled. These 5 Congressmen together collected $750,000 in payouts from
    Big Ag to buy their support for HR 1599, which would block states from
    labelling GMOs – and that’s only a fraction of the $51 million spent in the
    first half of 2015 to lobby against GMO labelling.

  20. The words “healthy option” mean absolutely nothing. Is there any test,
    standard, governing body or other criteria that must be fulfilled in order
    for those words to be used on labeling??? Safe and accurate, my ass!

  21. i guarantee the distributors of gmo’s and politicans make sure to avoid
    eating gmo’s no doubt in my mind

  22. talks cheap – vote with your dollars…grow your own, support local, start
    an urban SPIN farming biz, so much can be done other than bitching on YT

  23. The local United Grocery Store here said they would consider putting in a
    non gmo food section. I think many grocery store managers are concerned
    they are being used by the gmo criminals to poison the unsuspecting

  24. We need BIG BIG NON GMO LABELS. on any truly non gmo products. The cat’s
    out of the bag, gmo assholes. Who needs your stupid labels?