Meet The Garmin Index Smart Scale

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Garmin Index Smart Scale preview. This is a WiFi weight scale that can also measure your body fat %, muscle mass %, and more! So I guess it’s a digital scale and body fat scale or body fat test. Anyways, Garmin needed to release this. It is about them. The Index scale will auto-upload your data to Garmin Connect, the company’s mobile app and will support up to 16 different users. If you’re looking to log your weight and check your body fat percentage, I think this is going to be a super-efficient way especially if you’re a Garmin user! I will do a full Garmin Index Smart Scale review so stay tuned for that and subscribe!

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  1. I’m waiting for the Garmin Cardio Spark + Music! No wait, there is something wrong with that… Hmmmmmm

  2. Oh, could you do a comparison of the body fat accuracy between the garmin index and the sculpt?

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  4. I have been using the Fitbit Aria and I link it to the MyFitnessPal App which in turn transfers that info over to the Garmin App since it is also linked to MyFitnessPal. This way my Fitbit Aria weight is automatically updated in the Garmin App every time I step on the scale. But the new Garmin scale does look nice 🙂

  5. nice iv’e been thinking about getting of of these but didn’t know that Garmin had made one! Glad I waited now!

  6. Just a heads up, You dont have to enter weight manually IF you already have a smart scale such as Withings Smart-body-analyzer. There is a work around. Just connect your Withings app to My Fitness Pal App, then connect your My Fitness Pal App to your Garmin Connect App. Then it will add your body weight to your Garmin Connect.

    I personally will probably buy this Garmin Scale because I love Garmin products. I have the Garmin Fenix 3 and LOVE IT! This would be a great add since I weigh myself ever morning after I wake up.

  7. Riz have you got your hands on the scale yet? Just picked one up tonight and was wondering your initial thoughts. Also thanks for all you do! Back in April I had to decide between the iWatch and a 50% off Fenix 3 due to having a friend working at Garmin headquarters. I went with the Fenix 3 based on your reviews, and I’m so glad I did!

  8. Hi Jeff, have u got a chance to use the scale! Please let me know and how would u compare it to the Withings. Happy holidays

  9. I just purchased one of these and there seems to be a difference of exactly 1lbs from my old scale and this new one. other than that everything connect with no problem and the data uploaded to Garmin connect right away.

  10. Riz- I have the scale and I like it. Ran into a issue though. I have two users on it and this morning it put my gf’s weight on my profile and now the scale does not recognize me. Any thoughts on how to fix this and/or have you heard of this problem before?

  11. How close do it measure fat% and other data to a regular scale? update to how you like it.