Lose Belly Fat: Exercises To Burn And Reduce Stomach Fat Fast

Weight Loss Tip: One of the best ways to lose weight is to try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Even the most beneficial processed foods have fats, salt, sugars (or artificial sugars), preservatives, and other ingredients your body doesn't need. The more whole and unprocessed your foods are, the more naturally filling and satisfying they will be for you, with a lower caloric intake.

How to lose belly fat? How to get a flat stomach? The answer is: exercises and healthy diet plan to lose weight.

The video shows an easy and fast workout to reduce belly fat at home for women and man (no equipment is necessary).

The high intensity flat stomach cardio routine will allow you to burn fat naturally and quickly maximizing caloric consumption and training the muscles.

Hiit belly ab exercises help to increase glucose absorption capacity and cardio vascular functions.

Our virtual trainer guides you in your stomach training by helping you to avoid mistakes in order to assure the best results.


To get a complete program and reduce belly fat as fast as possible you can download the application for smartphones with the entire flat stomach training program.

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Warnings and conditions:

before beginning a program of physical activity it is important to consult a doctor. The “belly fat workout” is not meant to substitute for the guidance of a professional and is for illustrative purposes. So it is you who must choose how often, when and how to train with full responsibility.



The Lose belly fat video is created for LumoWell / LumoFit project by Ego360




  1. I really like the health tips that pop up. things i forget but need reminding, especially about the metabolism and not skipping meals

  2. thank i very much.These helped me a lot.I feel better and helthier.This totally works . I dod this several times and today i’ve lost 2 kg

  3. You want to lose weight fast like I did? Go to the gym and on the treadmill put hill climb all the way up and speed to 3.6. Doing that for a hour straight is close to 900 calories. On top of that give up every drink besides water and give up all junk food. Do you want to give in and eat some bad food here or there….or do you want quick results? Don’t give in…..work out 4 days a week and eat good everyday.

  4. I do 1.5hrs of exercise daily but I love chocolate.I eat a lil piece of cadbury every day aftr breakfast. will I ever be able to have a flat belly

  5. im on my 8th day and i already lost 2.78kg or 6pounds.. and wow thats almost 3 kilos in just 8days.. thanks for this short but very helpful video 🙂

  6. I did this for months for track and I’m happy to say that I’m liking body now. It made me happier when I went to a family party and my aunts and uncles asked if I lost weight .