Kids workout video

Weight Loss Tip: Greek yogurt is higher in protein than the traditional yogurts we are used to. They are much thicker and more filling too. Consider switching to a greek yogurt for your morning smoothie, afternoon snack, or as part of a fruit and grain parfait. The added protein is especially important if you are a vegetarian.

Teach a child how to get in shape with exercises. Maurice takes you through a beginning workout for all ages. It’s fun and healthy workout. Join in! www.tacpublishing.com




  1. thanks….. but i have more body fat at first i want lose them… are you
    have video about it?

  2. Thanks for your awesome video’s! I homeschool and me and my 1st grade son
    do your videos for his gym class! I’ll be referring them to my other
    homeschooling moms!

  3. who!!!!!!! i surly loved it and IM ONLY: (9 YEARS OLd AaaaaaAAAAAAAA!!!!!
    so much burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So if I eat healthily and did this let’s to say, 4 days a week would I shed
    the weight I want? I weight 80 kilos and my goal is to be atleast 50 the
    end of the year. How many days should I do this? Thank you.

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