How To Lose Weight FAST! Part-1 (Hindi / Punjabi)

Weight Loss Tip: Switch to diet soda to lose weight. You would probably be shocked to know how many calories a day you are getting just from your sugared sodas. If you trade one super-sized soda for a no-calorie diet soda instead, you can cut 400-500 calories. Multiply that over several drinks a month, or a week, and you can see how quickly that adds up.

There is no secret to weight loss, there are helpful ways and strategies that make people lose weight.

Part-1 How to lose weight fast.

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  1. Bhai weightloss k liya kia hum normal routine ki weight training ker saktay hay??mtlb ek din chest next din back plz tel me bhai.

  2. Hie Sir I need ur help I want Faster weight loss my Weight is 90 now what to……Maine lat 20 days hua Gym join Kiya h koi fark nahi Lagraha can u pls suggest me something

  3. bro me 17 years ka hun kia me body building start kar sakta hun?? or me weight lose bhi kar rha hun

  4. Love your advices on workouts… it helps me immensely.. thank you so much for uploading your videos. I am ever so great full

  5. Sir tell me that for weight loss which one is best running skipping or gym workout plz answer me as fast as u can

  6. this guy is a bakchod, but his knowledge bank is amazing. Hats off buddy keep it up. You are inspiring a lot of people, more than you know. Cheers bruv.