How To Lose Belly Fat Fast – OMG This Works & It’s *FREE*

Weight Loss Tip: Using cream in recipes may make your food taste really good and rich, but it will also make your waistline expand. Try substituting the cream with silken tofu. It still has the creamy texture, but it offers other benefits such as some extra protein into your favorite home-cooked meals.

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How to lost belly fat fast — it really doesn’t get any easier or cheaper than this.

You’ve probably heard of Green Coffee Bean but don’t know much about it right? Don’t stress, I was the same. I saw an episode of Dr Oz where he discussed the miracle of weight loss using Coffee Beans. It sounded too good to be true so I decided to investigate some more.

Green Coffee Beans are beans that haven’t been roasted. Roasted beans are dark brown/black which we drink in our coffee. Green beans contain chlorogenic acid which slows down the release of glucose after every mail. It’s the perfect solution if you want to know how to lose belly fat fast without expensive gym memberships or insanity workout DVDs.

Dr Oz tested the theory with 100 female volunteers. The first 50 subjects were given the Green Coffee Bean extract and second 50 were given a placebo (basically empty capsules filled with nothing medicinal). The volunteers who took the Coffee Bean capsules lost on average 2 pounds in 2 weeks. The placebo group lost on average 1 pound in 2 weeks. Remember, the women who lost the weight took nothing but the Green Coffee Bean capsules. There was no diet change, no workout regime or any type of fasting involved.

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100 volunteers is a small sample I know but it’s coming from a world renowned US doctor who is a massive authority on weight loss. Dr Oz doesn’t just research and promote any product and that’s why I took his study as proof when I was looking for solutions on how to lose belly fat fast — just like you are today.

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That’s the end of my review on how to lose belly fat fast. If you found it useful then please leave your comments below and feel free to share this video with anyone who needs help losing weight. I know how difficult it can be.

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  1. Green tea is great for losing belly fat…but make sure you have the right diet as well for the best results!

  2. To lose weight efficiently, you need to have the personalized weight loss plan that customized for just you.

  3.  The 1st step is to increase your frequency of your respective meal but reduce the amount to take in in each meal. Recurrent smaller meals also reduce your stomach size over time. Second, start consuming more aminoacids, veggies, fruits and healthy fat with each meal, only eat carbs before exercise session. Thirdly, Heard before LiuLaiFo Fat Killing Method? Go and google search on it. It is one of the top weight loss method in existence.

  4. Went Dr. Oz with his fake nice face, will tell people the truth about fat and that more saturate fat is making you lose weight instead then the reverse! Please people wake-up everyone is getting more sick and fat by the day since they introduce the low fat and fake sugar that actually kill people!!!! Our body energy has been badly hack and is the most important energy to change your life and health! make your own research on loose weight with saturated fat and without any exercise at all.  We all have been cheated and lie to by those supposedly experts. remember they also are the one who was killing people for saying the earth was round and believe (not know) that the earth was flat!  Everything and I saw everything you know is wrong or fake or a big lies, news in particular is made to control your mind and “program” it to do what ever they feel like testing and killing people like rats! Wake UP!!!

  5. I tried Green Coffee Thin 850mg. Saw no results! It was nearly $100 bucks!! Maybe green coffee extract alone would do? I tried pure white kidney bean from Swanson. Saw no results for belly fat. Saffron for appetite suppressing might work. I have not tried it and don’t want to spend $30 bucks a month. Next I would like to try Forskolin featured on Dr. Oz. It is around $20 bucks on Amazon. That is my next move to burn belly fat!! $20 bucks is not a big gamble. We’ll see what happens soon. ;)***

  6. smh these people are so dumb. If you want to lose 1lbs a week all you have to do is cut your calories by just 500 a day. That’s 2 snickers bars. Literally. You’d be saving money if you did that. But instead you spend it on an expensive pill that does the same thing. Completely illogical.

  7. On his show there have been many pills advertised to help aid weight loss….i’m so confussed now? How many more pills are gonna make an entrance lol….

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  9. If you’re trying to lose belly fat have you tried the My Bikini Belly? It’s a brilliant program specifically for women.

  10. I found green coffee bean extract to be completely useless. In fact, no “pill” of any kind has ever had an effect on weight loss. Ephedrine/caffeine held the most most promise as there are larger studies but nope, no good.

  11. Right after a good friend raved about her losing weight results (lost 13 pounds), I decided to Google “loli special plan.”. This is the most useful diet I have ever heard about.

  12. just stop eating so much! that’s the only way. eat a bowl of cereal wait 6 hours, eat a fistful of lunch, wait 6 hours, and drink a strawberry smoothie from smoothie king. go to bed, wake up, repeat

  13. this does work, just make sure you drink plenty of water. I worked out as well so my weight really came off. however, I don’t like taking pills so I decided to stop and continue the journey w/o pills and I started gaining back my weight in the stomach area and much faster. not sure why this occurred but BC this was odd to me and very uncomfortable I will not take these pills anymore.

  14. Dr Oz is nothing but a quack… always jumping on the band wagon of the ‘latest idea’ doing the rounds.

  15. I think it may work to lose the weight, but if you don’t change your diet and excersize healthly by the time you stop taking the pills you’d just gain the weight back fast. I’ll choose to try to eat healthy most of the time heavy excersize three times a week and light excersize the other days. I think I’ll incorporate carrots and more cabage into my meals as well as antioxidants like red bell pepper.
    ^ . ^

  16. Coffee bean extract is a stimulant…can/will make your jittery. I have serious questions about Dr.Oz and his recommendations.

  17. After 3 weeks of only eating green coffee beans and nothing else, I lost 68 lbs. Now I’m a trim 120lbs at 6’3.

  18. Dr Oz pls take this video down. I used it 2013 and all my hairs fall down. You also yourself came and apologized for this video on your tv show and took your words back. I am wondering why you still have this on YouTube .

  19. Recently i google to learn more about a weight loss program I heard about via a close friend who just lost a whopping 12 lbs! Head to Google and search “fizy unique plan”, you will know the things i am talking about.